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How to Turns Your Android Device into Racing Game Controller for PC Using Virtual Wheel

If you’re regular PC gamer and love to play racing games on your PC, then today we have something for you which is very innovative and unique about which you never heard it anywhere.

Virtual Wheel for Android

Sometimes you get frustrated with a control setup when playing games on your PC, also you’re unable to justify the cost of an analog controller. But not to worry about this any more because XDA Forum Member tincanman have developed an application i.e. Virtual Wheel, using which you can turn your old Android Phone or tablet into the racing game controller

In next lines you’re going to read about anything you need to know about Virtual Wheel.

What is Virtual Wheel?

Virtual Wheel is an amazing android application which uses your android mobile as wireless steering wheel to control racing or driving games on your Windows PC.

How Virtual Wheel Works?

This application use your wireless network connection to connect android application to a PC client

How to Install Virtual Wheel?

1. First of all you need to Download virtual wheel from Google Play store for free.

2. And, then download the PC Client.

3. Now you need to install PC Client and Run PC Client (Virtual Wheel)

4. After that run app on your android mobile, then go to setting and type your IP address and Port number exactly as the PC Client shows.

5. And you’re done 🙂

Things to Keep in Mind 

  • PC software is working fine on Windows 7 32 and 64-bit (sometimes create problem in 64 bits). And its working fine on Vista and XP 32 and 64 bit.
  • This will work with all the games support a steering wheel or analog gamepad.
  • Application will works fine those user’s whose device have accelerometer feature.

Games tested using Virtual Wheel

  • Live for Speed
  • F1 2012
  • Simraceway

Planned features for Virtual Wheel in Future

  • Support for Windows 8 and Mac OS X
  • Customizable control layout
  • Calibration
  • Variable throttle and brake
  • Steering animation
  • Bluetooth communication

Frequently Asked Question

Problem: I Have installed the setup correctly but still PC Client shows disconnected. What to do?

Solution: If you facing this kind of problem, make sure that you have made an exception for Virtual Wheel in the Windows Firewall. Every Windows 7, Vista and XP user must see a promot message asking for Windows Firewall exception. When you try to install PC Client for first time.

So this is an amazing android app give a try to this application and share your opinion with us. Also if you have any query in mind related to Virtual Wheel (Beta) you can join the original thread genereated by developer. Also if you using this application and tried some other popular racing games which is not mentioned above in the list, feel free to share with us.

Note: Application is still in beta so don’t expect full functionality from this application. Some bugs must exist on different devices, so if you find any please report that to developer by sending an email here: or you can join original thread

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