After Record Breaking Twitch Stream Fortnite Mobile Is Now Live On iOS

After a record-breaking night on twitch thanks to streamer Ninja and his star-studded Fortnite Livestream featuring Drake, Travis Scott, Kim Dot Com and even  NFL wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster Fortnite Mobile is now live on iOS devices. To speculate the team over at Epic timed the mobile release with this historic, impromptu Livestream would be a conspiracy but it’s safe to say it is a smart business move.

Record Breakers

Before last night, Twitch, a Livestream service for gamers, had a previous record of 388,000 simultaneous viewers. That record has now been shattered. 630,000 concurrent twitch viewers tuned in to see the “Rap Super Squad” plus Ninja and Kim Dotcom take on the greater Fortnite community.

Drake proved to be more than just a fan of the game saying he and his friends use the game as a way to relax after spending eighteen hours or more working in the studio. While neither Drake or Travis are going to be competing at any Fornite tournaments anytime soon they both seemed to fully enjoy claiming victory with the help of former professional gamer, Ninja.

One interesting thing to note about the Livestream is the fact Ninja was playing on PC while the rest of the team played on PS4. This cross-platform player compatibility is significant to note since it is a major step forward in the world of gaming and one of the main components of the Fortnite Mobile roll out.

Fortnite Mobile

Now the full release of Epic’s Fortnite Battle Royal hasn’t been made available to the masses quite yet but invites have started to be sent out. Consider this a soft beta as in-game talk will be disabled for a short time. There are still reports of bugs that need to be fixed before the main release. But that is good news. It proves Epic is sticking to their promise to make Fortnite the same game regardless of the console you play on.

If you didn’t sign up to receive the invitation yet don’t worry chances are one of your friends did and they will be supplied with access codes they can share with you until everyone can play. Unfortunately for Android users, their Fornite Mobile experience may still be serval months away. But when they finally have access they will be able to play with anyone, on any platform and that is certainly worth the wait.

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