Five iPad Apps Your Cat Will Love

Cat Play

There is no denying this fact – cats rule the world – and there’s nothing more fun than watching your cat play. Those ridiculously adorable furballs seem to be completely aware of this fact. Our fascination with them occupies way too much of our time and attention, and when we can’t be focused on them because we are busy at work, sleeping or literally doing anything else which does not involve them, we tend to feel guilty.

So how can you keep your cat happy and busy even when you’re not available to play with them?

Here is our list of the Top 5 iPad games for cats.  Have fun watching your cat play!

Note: all have been tried and tested on my pet cat Mao (not named after that Chinese communist leader but because it always goes maoooooooooooo) with positive (and hilarious) results. Also, don’t get worried about scratch marks being left on your iPad due to kitty’s play time, the screen is quite sturdy.

Game for C

Price: Free

Game for C for iPad - Cat play

The title may not be the most imaginative one, but Game for Cats is crazy popular with kitties. It is totally free for download on the app store and consists of two mini games. The first one is a free laser pointer game and features a bouncing, zipping red light for your cat to chase around. When your cat smacks the light, it receives a point. The second game, which allows your cat to chase a mouse around the screen, can be unlocked after a $1.99 in-app purchase. Apart from this, there is an additional bonus butterfly level. The paid upgrade also allows you to control the laser pointer with your iPhone. The ensuing result is hilarious as you watch your cat play frantically as it attempts to whack the pointer. You can upload your cat’s high score to Game Centre or share it on social media through Twitter or Facebook – because you are SO proud of your cat.


Price: Free

Jitter bug for iPad - Cat play

Jitterbug, created by cat food brand Friskies, is a free universal app that works on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It allows your cat to smack creepy crawly bugs moving around the screen, with the objective being to smack as many insects in five 15-second rounds. There is also an advanced mode featuring an endless cat play option which does not have time limit restrictions. You can also share your cat’s high score via Facebook. It is a simple, catchy game for the kitty and is sure to keep it (and you) hooked for hours. Download the Jitterbug app now.

Cat Fishing 2

Price: Free

Cat fishing 2 - for iPad - Cat play

Also designed by Friskies, Cat Fishing 2 is a delightful game in which brightly colored fish swim across the iPad’s screen, and your cat swipes and swats at them to gain points. Initially, one fish appears on the screen and the number increases as your cat successfully paws them. When the game ends, you can share your fuzzy pet’s score on Facebook. Cat Fishing 2 can be played by more than one cat- as long as they can agree on mutual cooperation. Ha! Download the game Cat Fishing 2 today.

Paint for Cats

Price: $1.99

Paint for cats - for iPad - Cat play

Paint for Cats sounds quite similar to another app. Ah! Yes. This is from the creators of Game for Cats (they certainly like keeping the title simple) and does exactly what is suggested by the title: lets your cat play with paint on the iPad screen. It features a mouse that can be chased around by the kitty. As your cat smacks the mouse, it utters a squeak and splatters paint all around to create funky, abstract art. There are several paint palettes that you can choose from including: Psychedelic, Shadow Cat, and the dubious Litter Box.  Once the kitty finishes playing around with the mouse, you can share the painting to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or even print it. But be warned, this has  proved to be highly addictive for the feline fur-balls and you may find it difficult to get your iPad back! Buy this extremely interactive game for $1.99 from the app store.

Magic Piano

Magic Piano - for iPad - Cat play

Price: Free

This app was not specifically created for cats, but kitties go all crazy wild with Magic Piano. Developed by Smule (of the famous I Am T-Pain sound app), this is actually a music-making program through which you can play in sync with 45 different standards and classic pieces. Magic Piano has loads of songs and levels where shiny droplets fall on the screen and cats love it, swapping and tapping at the three different keyboards while listening to music from the iPad’s speaker. It is adorably funny to watch your cat play with this app (also great to post a hilarious video on Youtube and get amazing views). You can download Magic Piano for free.

Do you have any suggestions for any iPad games that a cat could play?  Let them know by leaving a comment below!

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