Who are Instagram Influencers and What Do They Do?

Today is the world of the millennials, which makes the internet an amazing thing! The constant development in technology now provides everyone with an opportunity to live a wealthy life, solely by using the Internet. Sounds quite inviting, doesn’t it? The truth is, you can become your own boss and get a full-time job as an instagrammer solely by planning ahead and investing a bit of courage.

If you are an opportunist and have creative ideas, this is the best time for you. You can now earn a six-figure salary while basically doing nothing, except for taking photos and writing interesting captions. Interestingly, you do not even need to worry about the captions, a reliable coursework service can do the job for you. So, all you have to do is get onto a new journey and become an instagrammer!

Instagram has revolutionized and become more than a place where you post photos. Right now, there are plenty of storytellers that use this platform to showcase their talents and earn a wealthy living.

Sure, becoming an Instagrammer is not something you can do overnight. After all, 2016 statistics say that there are more than 600 million users, which means that the competition is fierce. However, considering that becoming and instagrammer does not come with a cost to start with, it is a challenge worth facing.

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Becoming a professional instagrammer is not something you need to quit your job for to try achieving. All you need is a bit of a talent, a creative idea and good photography skills. Professional Instagram Influencers started that way – by telling a story in a distinctive way and therefore, allowing the world to see things from their perspective.

Why Become an Influencer?

Instagram is a platform opened to everyone, in every country in the world. At this point, this social media platform is used to make friendships, stay in touch, comment on photos and even reach potential customers. Companies use Instagram to promote their brand, which is yet another reason to become an Instagram Influencer. If you have a product or service to sell, this is one of the places where you can find thousands of customers, only if you know how to advertise it.

For starters, you could always start with the camera you have, even the one on the phone. However, if you want to become a professional Instagrammer that is noticed by thousands of people, it is best to invest some money with the goal of getting better shots.

Many instagrammers have started their career by using the app for fun. After a while, they have found the opportunity Instagram provides and learned the best way to earn a good living from it. Some people are now earning six-figure salaries. And guess what – their job is to travel the world, enjoy and take amazing photos on the way!

Successful Instagram Influencers:

  • Jen Selter @jenselter

With over 5.4 million followers, Selter is the first instagrammer who got famous by posting photos of her behind. She got so many fans that admired her for her amazing fitness regime that made us one of the most popular, wealthiest instagrammers in the world.

With over 80,000 likes for a picture of herself, she is now earning on product endorsements from the world-class brands such as Lululemon, New Balance and Nike.

A variety of people follows this girl, but mostly people who want to get some encouragement to work and get similar results. And the only thing she did is have an idea of showing people that if you try hard enough, you can achieve everything. Quite simple, isn’t it?

  • Liz Eswein @NewYorkCity

What started as a hobby of shooting her home city, became a full-time job where Liz Eswein earned up to $15,000 for a single shot. This girl charged brands $1 per like if they wanted to get sponsored Instagrams. Seeing that her beautiful photos got her more than 23,000 likes each, you can easily say that this Instagrammer truly grasped the challenge!

  • Anthony Danielle @takinyerphoto

Danielle had no intention whatsoever of becoming an Instagrammer, nonetheless one of the wealthiest in the world! What started as a unique idea of photographing people randomly with no regard for looks or clothing became a popular Instagram profile, which lead this young man to shift to fashion.

Later on, Danielle was contacted by many brands and he now runs the Mobile Media Lab with DiFeo.

  • Julia Voievidko @juliavoievidko

If you want to find a lot of beautiful flatlays and little pretty things for inspiration, check Instagram of this nice girl. Julia creates colorful compositions using beautiful blooms tucked inside of paper bags. This visual connection was the start of her aptly-titled #bagfortheflower and #natureinthebag.

So, what do you say to Instagram as your new career? If you take a look at the most successful Instagrammers, you will find that the majority of them never had the intention or even photography experience to become as popular and wealthy. And yet, all Instagram really required was a bit of courage and a good idea.


Laura Buckler is a writing expert working full-time as a content manager for various clients. She has years of experience in crafting content on several niches, one of them being social media. Laura describes her job as the ‘beauty of her living’ and sees her entire future writing and sharing content with the world. You can follow her on twitter.

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