It’s March Madness: 7 Fun Basketball Games For Android

Big Win Basketball

March Madness is upon us, which means college basketball will consume our existence for the next few weeks. If your bracket gets busted or your team is having a lousy game you’d just like to ignore, then these fun basketball games can help to fill the void.

March Madness

#1. Big Win Basketball. It’s the #1 basketball game for Android because it’s pretty good. It’s like NBA Jam meets NBA 2k15, but with simplified controls and simpler graphics. Game play is fluid, you’ve got options to pick your own team, and the dunks will make you throw out the occasional “YES!” in your best Marv Albert impression.

Big Win Basketball

#2. Stickman Basketball. I like this game because the graphics have been simplified to make more room for traditional basketball dynamics. You can run a full season against a league, tournaments, and special events. There are over 30 teams on the game, each has its own home court, and the game play is extremely fast. Get past the learning curve and you’re going to love this one.

#3. Basketball Superstar“Daddy!” my 4 year old son exclaims. “This game is like playing Angry Birds, but with basketballs!” His assessment isn’t far off. It’s a trick shot game that incorporates specific obstacles, like magnets and blocks, to make getting the perfect swish as tough as possible. If you can get used to the arcade physics of the game, then you’re going to have a lot of fun.

Basketball Superstar

#4. 3D Basketball. This basketball simulation is pretty basic, but it’s about as close to an authentic video game as you’re going to get with an app. The feeling of the game is very similar to the old NBA games from the Sega Genesis. If you’re on a larger tablet, the left/right controls on the screen are a little awkward, but for the 5 inch smartphone screen? Perfect.

#5. Rival Stars Basketball. If you’re into trading card games or dig the team building mechanisms in FIFA 15 for the Ultimate Team, then you’ll like this app. Build your own super squad, draft players that will develop over time, and have a good time. The swipe controls are some of the better ones that are available on the Android market today if you want to play basketball on your mobile device.

Rival Stars Basketball

#6. Basketball Shoot. It’s a game that has a perfectly descriptive name. You take a basketball, change the force and angle of how you shoot it, and then try to make as many shots as you can in a row. Imagine playing the Paper Toss game, but using basketballs and nets instead of trash cans and you’ll get an idea of what this game is like. There’s 11 different backgrounds from which to choose within the game.

#7. Real BasketballThere are cups that can be played, but you’ve got to unlock them first on this app. The scope of the game itself is pretty high. There are 40 different uniforms [and all of them can be customized], 20 different basketballs, and 6 different game modes. Just 4 basketball courts are available, but the multi-player capability where you can play with friends overcomes this one small negative.

Real Basketball

Are you playing basketball on your Android device? Which apps do you plan to use during March Madness this year?

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