Samsung Set To Release New Chromebook Pro Amid Concerns Over Explosive Tech

Following weeks of disappointment surrounding the highly problematic release and recall of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the limping tech giant silently listed a new Chromebook on its Korean website. The newest addition to the Chromebook lineup is being dubbed the Chromebook Pro and we are all hoping it doesn’t go the way of Samsung’s Washing machines.

The Chromebook Pro will run Chrome OS and feature a 12.3- inch touchscreen display (3:2 aspect ratio) with 400 nits brightness and a resolution of 2400 x 1600 pixels. The devices screen will be attached to a keyboard with a 360-degree hinge and even comes with a stylus.

The Chromebook Pro Folds In Half

The stylus is very reminisant of the Galaxy Note 7’s however the company is no longer referring to the stylus as an S Pen. Now it is simply just a PEN. The PEN is tiny,  it is 13.9mm thin and weighs just 1.08kg. The chiclet-style keyboard on the laptop has curved keycaps.

Samsung is releasing the Chromebook Pro fully equipped with a 2GHz hexa-core processor (two Cortex-A72 cores and four Cortex-A53 cores), 32GB onboard storage, and 4GB RAM. Google recently introduced the Play Store on Chrome OS so the device can now run Android apps. The body of the laptop appears to be made of aluminum with a built in slot to house the PEN.

Chromebook Pro PEN

According to the Samsung website the Chromebook Pro can last up to 10 full hours on a single charge. The laptop will come with two USB Type-C ports, a headphone jack (yes, Apple, a headphone jack) and an SD card slot. The tech giant is additionally offering ad-free, one-year subscription of the AirDroid app.

The Chromebook Pro is currently listed on Adorama.  It can be preordered for the low down price of $499. Samsung has yet to officially announce the release of the laptop but we are expecting it to happen in the next couple days.

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