Cram For Your Exam With These 5 Studying Apps

Let’s be honest. Studying for an exam is easily one of the worst experiences that school provides. There aren’t enough Pop-Tarts, study aids, and free dubstep streams to keep your mind focused on the information you need to absorb instead of the urge to log into your PS4 and play video games.

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Of course I’m old enough that my urge was to stick in a Sega Genesis cartridge. True story: I beat my roommates 200 game winning streak on NBA Jam while studying for a biology final.

If you’re stuck in distraction mode and need to cram for that exam, then these apps will help you study smarter. That way when the PS4 does call, you can answer it guilt-free.

#1. Chegg

Not only do you have access to millions of textbooks on your preferred mobile device, but there are thousands of guided walkthroughs that will cover most, if not all, of what is on your class syllabus. You can also use Chegg to connect to tutors when you need some emergency learning or use it to study through flashcards. It’s not free, but there is a 7 day free trial period. Available on: Apple, Android, & Windows

#2. Droid Scan

This app will let you turn any document into a digital PDF thanks to your mobile device. The text is converted into something that you can take anywhere. You can also linked your PDF to your preferred Cloud service so that it’s always available – even at that party you probably shouldn’t be at since you need to ace your next exam. Available on: Google Play only.

#3. Brainscape

If you’re tired of the ridiculous questions your friends ask you or you just want to study on your own, then this is the app for you. Brainscape gives you flashcards like Chegg, but it also learns how you’re learning the information it is providing. This gives you a fighting chance for that exam because each flashcard lesson eventually becomes individually tailored to your needs. Available on: All iOS platforms

#4. StudyBlue

Whether you want to create your own flashcards, read in-depth information about a specific subject, or take a quiz to determine how much knowledge you actually have, then StudyBlue is perfect for you. It keeps track of cards you haven’t looked at and automatically includes new cards in the subjects that you’ve entered into the app. It even keeps track of your scores – which may not be a good thing if you’re averaging a 65%. Available on: Apple, Android, and Web platforms

#5. Flashcards Maker Pro

It’s a bit basic for a studying app, but it does allow you to create your own flashcards and do so for free. The app also has an easy way to transition between cards so that you can tell the app the information you are already confident about and the stuff you might need to look at 2-3 more times just to make sure you’ve got it right. The primary benefit here is the AirDrop feature, allowing you and your friends to share cards so that group studying can actually happen. Available on: iOS

There are many educational apps that are similar to those described above. We’ve chosen these 5 because they offer more unique features and easier accessibility. Do you have study apps that you like to use when it’s time to cram for your exam? Let us know your favorites in the comments below.

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