The Samsung Galaxy S7 Is The Right Smartphone For You

Of course “best” is a relative term. For some, iOS is the best operating system, others prefer Android. But, for a majority of the people investing in a smartphone, Android is the OS of choice. With this in mind, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is the way to go, and is the top contender in a very saturated smartphone market. So, for those who want the best, and have the money to spend (especially in comparison to other iPhone, Android phones), this is a great option when the time comes to choose your new phone.

It has a great camera; 12 MP front and 8 MP rear facing camera allow users to take excellent still shots, and record video in 4K resolution. The “edge” design allows you to see notifications on the phone’s edge without unlocking. It has a fingerprint scanner for added security as well. A large, beautiful, and stunning 5.5” in screen size posses the very best resolution, and exceptionally crisp visual images on screen.

Android Marshmallow is also built in, meaning you are running on the latest OS, and fastest system available to Android users to date. Battery power is superior to other devices, it has an elegant design, and the metallic finishes, give it that elegance owners desire, especially for the price tag they are going to pay to own this device.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge phone with a blue wallpaper and a range of apps.

A curvier finish than previous models, higher resolution, better quality finishes, and a luxurious design and feel, are a few of the many benefits this phone is going to pose to its owners, and those who are ready to make the jump into the smartphone market, and are looking to buy the very best device which is available today. Some of the new smart phones can be really expensive due to the new technology which the phones have.

Luckily retailers have noticed that people cannot just fork out loads of money straight away on a phone. With this said most retailers have started offering different finance options, from pay monthly mobiles to buy now pay later mobiles. This is a great way to keep up to date with the new phones and spread the cost out.

Person holding a Samsung phone looking at the back of the phone with the brand name and camera showing.

The body is sturdy, the design is elegant, and the phone provides owners the elegant look, feel, and quality design they are looking for. If you are purchasing a new smartphone, and truly want to buy the best device out there, this is it. With the fastest speeds, high quality resolution, a brilliant, crisp display, and a very sturdy frame and material build, you can’t go wrong with this system.

Of course the high price tag is something which many consumers will consider, but with other top contenders in the market (iPhone, LG, and other Samsung devices), comparable phones of this build and quality are reasonably low cost in price as well, so it shouldn’t be a big deal for those who are truly looking to invest in the best device available today.

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