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How to Get Missing Genie Widget on Samsung Galaxy S3

Missing Genie Widget on Samsung Galaxy S3

If you are an owner of Samsung Galaxy S3 and missing Genuine Widget for checking news and weather widget. Then this article is your cup of tea for sure.

Missing Genie Widget on Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy i9300 S3 is named as one of the hottest Android Smartphone releases of the year 2012 with great hardware and software which make it superior in front of another android Smartphone. And any android user who has been Android fans for longer than the lifetime of the Galaxy S III can’t expect anything missing from these devices. But we are missing something this time i.e. Genie Widget [a Weather and News Widget]

But thanks to XDA Recognized Themer Nitroz who help lots of users by bringing popular geniewidgetapk to the Galaxy S3 to fill a gaping hole where the news and weather widget. Basically widget is a standard APK which was pulled from Samsung Galaxy Nexus and till its working fine without any issue. And if you are really the one who don’t want to this miss this widget on your Android Smartphone you can follow below the tutorial.

But before you start you need something which is listed below ;

One your device is rooted all you have to do is follow below instruction to have the news & weather widget back up and running on this awesome device!

1. First of all download the GenieWidget. apk from mediafire

2. After that put GenieWidget. apk onto your internal SD Card Or external, it’s all your choice where you want to put it.

3. Now open Root Explorer and navigate to where you put GenieWidget

4. Highlight it and select copy and

5. After that Navigate to /system/app/ and Paste it.

Now  Reboot and check your widgets you will get your Old GenieWidget on your new Samsung Galaxy i9300 Successfully. Now you are really to get updated with News and Weather updates.

If you feel any difficulty regarding this apk file feel free to share with us. We will try to assist you A.S.A.P, You can also visit original thread to started by developer of the app

Credits : Forum .XDA. Developer & Nitroz

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