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How to Get Android Paid Apps and Games for Free

Get Android Paid Apps for Free

If you’re the one looking for a way to download and install Android Paid Apps for FREE, then we suggest you not to choose any way  because it is purely illegal to try that out. By sharing this article we don’t want to insult the hard work of developers. The only purpose of this article has been just to share information with our readers and we sincerely apologize, if this hurts anybody.

Get Android Paid Apps for Free

Before we start reading below warning :

Downloading Paid Apps is probably illegal and we don’t advise you to do this, this is for informational purposes ONLY!

One thing which I really like about Android OS is free apps. We all know that there’s a large variety of Android Apps available for your Smartphone at Google Play. But still there are lots of applications that are paid and users also want to get them for free.  There are lots of ways using which you can get and Install Android Paid Apps for free and one out them is by searching .apk file over Google.

Note : If you are using Applanet Nerdsmagazine is not responsible for any damage in any way. If you are still ready read below:

In this article I’m going to share with you an amazing android app called Applanet using which you can also get more than 15000 Paid Android applications for free

Things to keep in mind before using this Google Play like the App Store

  • It might slow down your mobile speed.
  • The app you download from here might have a virus
  • No long life guarantee of Apps
  • It’s not part of Google Play

Applanet is a massive database which contains more than 15000 Android applications under the same hood. Using this You are able get access to the latest version of both free and paid applications. One this which I really like about this app is Google Play like User Interface which really help users to search Games And app.

While reading about Applanet I found some key features of this amazing app which are listed below :

  • Access Paid Apps for FREE
  • Google Play like User Interface
  • Power to rate and review app
  • No need for Goolge Apk file
  • Different Categories Games, Popular Apps and other just like Google Play

Users who don’t want to pay anything to buy android app might love to use Applanet. Check below how you can get Android app for free using Applanet

1. First of all you have to download apk file. There are two ways to make that thing

a. Visit Applanet and you will get the option to save file or

b. Download Apk file from Here and after that install it on your system.

2. After you get the apk file in your system simply click on that file and install it on your Android Smartphone.

3. After that you will get a store icon with name Applanet whose user interface is very similar to Google Play.

4. In search bar put the name of App you want to get for free and hit enter if it’s available then you will get the option to download and install app just like in Google Play.

If you are already using this application to grab Android Apps for free and looking for something different, then you can try below file sharing websites which are listed below:




But in the End I again want to say that :

Downloading Paid Apps is probably illegal and we don’t advise you to do this, this is for informational purposes ONLY!

Note : Personally I don’t use these ways to get Android Paid App for free because these methods affect the developers hard work and I don’t want to make my hands dirty.

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