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How to Delete Picasa Web Album in Gallery of Android Phone

Today’s article is dedicated to all those users who’re looking for answers to question i.e. How to Delete Picasa Web Album from Gallery of Android Phone? If you’re looking for answer to same question don’t miss to check our guide.

How to Delete Picasa Web Album in Gallery of Android Phone

Yesterday I got my new Android phone, and after registering my Smartphone with Gmail when visited the gallery I noticed that my phone synced with the Picasa web album and it downloaded over 1GB of photos. This happens due to the sync feature of web account which is an amazing feature of the Android OS, but this feature took smile out of my face. And when I tried to fix that thing, didn’t get any option to disable and delete the albums from the Gallery.

So I started my search on Google to get a way to disable the Picasa web album sync and how to delete all the Picasa pictures it downloaded? And guess what I found that it is not me who’s facing this problem. But in few Seconds got an answer to my question and in this post share that with you.

So why don’t you check step by step guide to remove Picasa web albums from gallery of your Android Mobile Phone. To disable web  pictures from gallery all you need to do is

1. On your Android phone, go to “Settings ” then, Accounts and Sync settings > manage accounts.

2. Now this will show up the internet accounts that you’ve currently syncing. Simply open your “Gmail account” and “unchecked” Picasa web albums.

3. After that, come back and click on Applications in the settings page.

4. Now click on “Manage Applications”.

5. Here, in the manage application page, click the “Menu” option ALL.

6. Now scroll down you will find an option called “gallery”.

7. Click on the Gallery and clear data. But don’t worry your local data won’t be deleted.

8. That’s it check, now just after the media scan you’ll notice that the Picasa images are being removed from the gallery.

Note: You can also remove Google photos from your gallery just by unchecking “Sync Google Photos.” Just like the way did above in step 2

Once you’re done with these steps you’re done. From now onward your device gallery will show only those photos which are on your device. Also, should I forget to tell you that, if you’ve set any Google Plus Auto backup of your photos, your backed up photos will also not show up in the gallery and still access them using the Google Plus account.

So using this procedure I was able to fix my Picasa Web Album issue on my device and I’m sure that this will also fix your problem too. Why don’t you give a try to this guide and, if you face any difficulty throughout the process, drop message will try to assist you.

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