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How to Create and Install Bootanimations for Android Mobile from Scratch

I have looked at so many boot animation utilities featuring different animations for android mobile, but this time I saw something which definitely going to catch your eye. You’re the one looking who want to create your very own boot animation, then XDA Senior Member ayushrox has something for you

Below you’re going to read about guide which tells you how to make a your very own bootanimation and install a bootanimation on your Android mobile. But before we start lets we have looked at:

What is Boot Animation

It’s a collection of .png pictures that are projected on the screen one after the other quickly so that it looks like a animation, stored in a zip file.

So without wasting a single second lets us have a look at some requirements and then guide on which this whole tutorial is based.


1. You must have a Windows OS installed in your system

2. Highly recommends the use of image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop

3. 7Zip or Winrar installed when creating boot animations

Full Guide

1.  First of all you have to download file [you can find them on google or download Bootanimation files from XDA Forums.

2.  Once downloaded open zip file and extract, here you will find some folders in it named like shown below:


"part0" "part1" "part2"

htc bootanimation-winrar

3. In desc.txt file you will find below content shown in image



As you can see in the image
#1-it is the resolution of the bootanimation(you should basically use your device's resolution for ex - in the pic it is 320X480)
#2-it is the fps(frames per second) of your bootanimation [higher the no. faster will your bootanimation play a standard fps should be 30]
#3-these are the folders which contain images for your bootanimation
#4-it is a pointer to tell it to look at new commands
#5-specifies the no. of times this section of bootanimation will play ( 0 means infinite)
#6-defines pause in seconds before repeating or moving on next line (o means no pause 10 means 10 sec pause)

Folders like part0; part1, etc.. STORE .png pictures of bootnaimation
The desc.text file contains all the necessary info to run bootanimation like resolutions fps , etc.

4. Now create a folder anywhere put in desktop for ease, let’s call it:



5. Now open the folder and create another folder name it



6. With part0 created, it’s time for you to start creating an image. To make it simple for beginning we’ll make a simple one .So, using Photoshop as an example, create a new image which is the resolution of your handset. [Like if you’re on htc explorer use 320X480 or galaxy mini use 340X320] (if you don’t know your device’s resolution google it

7. Give a black background to the image and take an image you want to fade in . Paste it as a new layer and set the layer to 0% opacity 
So now you can only see a black background.

8. Now save the image on your


part0 folder

and name it



9. Now increase the opacity of your bootanimation by a narrow degree say 6%. Now save it as.



In the part0 folder

10. Repeat step 5 every time until you reach 100%. and each time save it as image003-image004 etc. In part0 folder

11. Open notepad and type this —


320 480 30
p 1 0 part0

change the 320 480 with the resolution you are using

12. Now save it as–



In the root of your bootanimation folder (not in part0)

13. Compress it using your archive manager says 7zip ; winrar, etc.

Note:  Set compression method to store, otherwise the boot animation won’t work

You can also boot animation factory by RD despotovski01 which definitely going to help you with debugging and previewing and also creating bootanimations.

Installing Bootanimation

To install your bootanimation just use root explorer to put it in a system / media folder. Or if using htc stock ROM puts it in the system / customize/resources folder (make sure to rename it the to )

So this is one of the easiest way or tutorial using which you can create and install your own boot animation for android mobile. If give you’re going to give  try to this guide then, don’t forget to share your experience  with us. Also if you have any question of query related to the tutorial you can check out the guide at its original post.

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