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20 Best Free Applications for Nokia Lumia Smartphone


With the popularity of Nokia Lumia Smartphone one question which is asked by many Smartphone question i.e What are the best free application for Nokia Lumia? And to answer this question I decided to write an opinion piece.


So without further ado, let us have a look at first one i.e.

1. Twitter

Its an official twitter application which is specially designed and optimized for Lumia devices. Using this application you can follow people you know and people you’d like to know. You can also search, discover and browse.

2. Evernote

Taking notes across platforms is what everyone longs for. You need your notes on your own home computer, you want them on your work desk and you need them on the mobile. That is what Evernote does. It makes accessing notes from web browser possible by having clients for personal computers, all mobile platforms and also a web version if you need them right on your desk. It also supports images and rich text notes

3. Fastnote

This one is unlike Evernote; it provides easy text notes, a lovely and simple interface and the option to backup the notes you have made on to SkyDrive. The best part is the capability it has to inculcate reminders for the notes you make which makes it invaluable.

4. Facebook

Now can use Facebook straight from any Lumia device allow you to upload pictures and videos, update status just by making a single click. You can also get notified when friends like and comment on your posts. And guess what ? You can get this application for free.

5. Nimbuzz

The fact is messaging is quite well supported when it comes to Windows phone but the needs of people who utilize Yahoo messenger and Google talk will not be met by the Windows phone. If you are always chatting on several platforms, then this application will really help you out. It supports Facebook, Yahoo and Google Talk among many other networks within the same roof.

6. Seesmic

Though the phone has Facebook and Twitter support if you are mad about these sites and juggle several identities at once then you may need to use Seesmic. This will let you add on as many Twitter and Facebook accounts as you feel like. You can also add Sales Force accounts. For every account you can pin tiles for messages, mentions, notifications and retweets etc.

7. IM+

Amazing instant messenger which supports all major IM services, including Skype chat, Facebook, Google Talk, Yahoo. Using this you can send text messages and photos, Group chats on Skype, AIM and ICQ. You can also make multiple accounts per servic.

8. SpohieCam

If you like fiddling around with pictures to create an entirely new and one of a kind image then SopheCam will provide you with a wide array of effects that can be added to your pictures.

9. WhatsApp

One of the most popular Smartphone messenger using which you can send and receive messages, pictures, audio notes, and video messages to your friends and family using 3G or WiFi.

10. Nokia Creative Studio

While talking about images and other related stuff, then we cannot leave out Creative Studio.This app has been developed by Nokia and provides a major array of things that can do with your pics.

11. Aviary Photo Genius

While above two are great for fun, if you mean to get into work then Aviary is the way to go. Though not an official Aviary Client this has been built on the lines of Aviary API , thereby you can expect the same quality of effects and adjustments.

12. Metrotube

If you like watching YouTube videos then Metrotube is the answer for you especially when the Windows Phone does not an application for the same. It is quite a good option with a lot of features built in.

13. Kayak

If you travel a lot and looking for flight and hotel then try Kayak. Using this you can find a flight, hotel or car using your Windows Phone. With this you can search hundreds of travel sites at once.

14. VEVO

If you want music videos then VEVO is the application for you. This one streams videos for a large array of performers without affecting quality. You can almost find any video you require. Then the question why has MetroTube and VEVO. The answer is straightforward – VEVO is for only music videos.

15. Pulse

If you’re a news junkie then pulse is one of the best options for Lumia mobile users. Its totally customized for Lumia devices and browse by sources or subject.

16. YouTube

Its official YouTube application lets you stream any video which you want to see.

17. Google

We will all agree that when it comes to search engines there is nothing better than Google. The official application for Google search enables this easily.

18. Gdocs

This will let you have access to Google Drive very easily and also edit in plain text

19. RapDialer

This application enables fast T9 search and smart dial. Only thing missing is that it does not show the calls you have missed on a live tile.

20. Lomogram

An amazing photo editing app with more than 40 filters, lots of borders and light effects that can be combined in numerous ways to achieve a unique look.

So give try to these free application on your Nokia Lumia devices and don’t forget to share your favorite apps with us.

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