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8 Best Android Apps to Track and Monitor Data Usage

Android Apps to Track and Monitor Data Usage

This post is the answer to one of the most popular question i.e. What are some of the best Android apps to track and monitor data usage of your device? And if you’re the one looking answer to the same question, then I recommend you not miss to read this opinion piece.

Android Apps to Track and Monitor Data Usage.

We all know that android mobile phones and tablets are very popular among users, especially when it’s about chat, work, social networking or killing time over the web. And it’s also true that data usage cost is very high when you’re not using a good data plan. Which can increase your monthly bills by overusing the monthly data limit.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t control to overuse your monthly data limit. Whether you’re interested to monitor your mobile data or you also have an unlimited data plan. Android users have lots of options to monitor data usage. And in this article I intend to share with you some best Android apps to track and monitor data usage.

So without wasting a single second, let us have a look at first one:

1.  Onavo Count

An amazing application which brings you intuitive reporting, comparative data and the brand new apps guide. The only application that will show you comparison mobile data usage in comparison with other app users.

Price: Free

2. My Data Manager

Popular data usage monitors to help you keep track of your mobile data usage. My Data Manger help you understand which android is using most data and total data used in the current data plan.

Price: Free

3. 3G Watchdog

3G Watchdog data counter monitors your mobile data usage and let you set your bandwidth cap and also alert you when you try to exceed. It also shows a status icon (green/orange/red) in the notification bar and a detailed report page. It also features Widget (2 sizes).

Price: Free (Go Pro for $3)

4. dodol Phone

dodol Phone helps you in calculating how much you have used 3G data, call, and SMS. It also provides real-time daily and monthly usage report and you can also setup custom limit.

Price: Free

5. Data Counter Widget

Amazing widget that helps you in tracking how much network traffic your mobile users. All you need to do is simply place a widget on your home screen to keep an eye on your network usage. This shows wifi / wlan and 4g / lte / 3g / gprs traffic.

Price: Free (Go Pro for $3)

6. NetCounter

Its very simple and easy to use android apps that shows you the amount of the data you used over Wi-Fi 3G in a day, week, month and total.

Price: Free

7. Traffic Monitor

The RadioOpt Traffic Monitor that measures data traffic consumed by your wifi and your mobile device interface. You can also download and upload throughput as well as ping durations can be measured via an integrated speed test.

Price: Free

8. DU Meter

Like above discussed DU Meter help you monitor your daily and monthly network traffic. This application makes sure that you don’t exceed your data plan limits. DU Meter is very simple, reliable, intuitive to use and consumes very little system resources.

Price: $2.95

So these some best Android application that will defiantly help you in tracking and monitoring data usage, give a try and let us know which one helped you a lot. You can also give suggestion, if we forget to miss adding any good app.

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