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How to Turn off Camera Shutter Sound in Nokia Lumia Smartphone

Turn of Camera Shutter Sound Nokia Lumia

Today’s article is dedicated to the users who is looking for answers to question i.e. How to turn off/disable Camera Shutter Sound in Nokia Lumia Smartphones. If you’re the one also looking to fix for the same problem, then we recommend you must check this article.

Turn of Camera Shutter Sound Nokia Lumia

We know that lots Smartphone users own Nokia Lumia device creating lots of threads related to their device to the Nokia official forum and other mobile forums. But the one question which we found little bit trendy on these forums is How to Turn Off Camera Shutter in Nokia Lumia 710, 52o or other device in the same series.

To answer this question we did a little research on these devices and successfully found a solution which definitely going to help you. And below you can going to read about that solution. But before we start lets us check a little about Shutter Sound.

What is Shutter Sound in Smartphone

It’s a mechanism that moves and stops the action of the camera’s shutter makes a “click”, possibly with some “whirl” as part of the entire sound. Most mechanisms make some sound because of the friction and the impact of a sudden start and stop.

We always prefer no shutter sound while taking a snap using any Smartphone and we’re sure that you also want to follow the same habit just like another. Basically when you are in open space or in a crowd it doesn’t create any problem but when you are in a place like a meeting, the hospital where maintaining a calm atmosphere is required priority the shutter sound while using camera looks odd.

So if you know how to shut off the sound then its ok, but if not, no worries because there are two ways using which you can change the camera shutter sound in Nokia Lumia Smartphones while taking photos.

By putting your Smartphone in Silent mode

Yes, you can shut off shutter sound of your Smartphone by putting it into silent mode. But this method will not liked by every person because in that case you might not able to get notification like incoming calls, text message and other. So to overcome this we got second method that is,

By making some changes inside your Smartphone

All you need to do is follow these steps,

1. First you need to go Start, then Applications list

2. Now after that open settings option and click on Ringtones + sounds.

3. Here you will get Camera Shutter option, just untick the box next to camera shutter.

Note: If your phone lacks that option or if it doesn’t disable the sound it’s likely you are in a country that requires camera’s to make a sound by law.

And this is how you can turn off camera shutter sound in your Nokia Lumia Smartphone. If you face any difficulty feel free to share with us. Also if this article is help to you, don’t forget to share your experience with us. You can also join the official Nokia Discussion thread from where we got the idea of this article.

Featured Image Credit: KnowYourMobile

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