High Quality Software Development: What a New Entrepreneur Should Know Before Starting

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A teasing idea in your head doesn’t let you sleep calmly at night since you’re dreaming about the laurels of the market leader? Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Evan Spiegel (Snapchat), Kevin Systrom (Instagram), Brian Chesky (Airbnb), Travis Kalanick (Uber), and many other famous entrepreneurs demonstrate what fantastic opportunities nowadays digital space offers. There are samples of digital enterprises in various niches that have used software development to change people’s habits, inspire them for creativity, or just make their everyday routine easier. 

And if you’re planning to contribute to a definite problem solving, there’s a clear way to reach the destination. Bring the fruit of your imagination to real life through software development. Transferring invisible service in your head into a tangible product, make sure you’re speaking with your partner in the same language: have similar values, aesthetic preferences, and quality presentation. 

Software development is a creative process that requires a sincere interest, enthusiasm, brilliant communication skills, and cute profile competencies from the side of your contractor if you hope to realize exactly what you’ve imagined. 

The Bricks Used to Construct Software

It would be a delusion to think that fruitful software development starts from coding or drawing illustrations for the first page. Let’s highlight the practice-tested consequence of activities leading to inspiring results. 


A good outset is half the voyage, the saying goes. And in our case, a good start is an all-around analysis: product analysis, business analysis, system analysis, etc. By diving into the depth of your project, the analytical team creates the plan and strategy for success-targeted software development. They compare your competitors, their strengths and weaknesses, define your potential users, their needs and preferences, and describe what your product will be able to do and why people will select it instead of alternatives. 


After the whole picture of the planned solution is received, the experts get over to the systematization of the functions it will contain. Leaning on the user flow, they divide constituents into groups for various screens. 

Metaphorically speaking, they draw a skeleton of the product: it can be black and white, color doesn’t matter. The only thing that is in the focus now is the number and order of functionalities with the estimation of their feasibility and priority. 


When the rough outline is prepared and agreed, it’s time to transform it into a colorful prototype. Selecting a branded palette, fonts, icons, buttons and sliders, the design team will present you a pair of screens to confirm that their vision coincides with yours. Since the look of them is accepted, the experts will continue to convert all the screens into eye-catchy pictures till an entire product will be performed. Now you have something to demonstrate to investors and get financial support for further software development.


Though the prototype looks enticing, it’s not a full fledged product till all the features will be “animated”. The back end team are the magicians who make all functionalities alive. After the engineers’ intervention the app can work as it was overseen. 


Never let your product disappoint users because of errors in its work. It can be especially critical for financial or healthcare apps since they are dealing with sensitive data. Check the product thoroughly and meticulously before inviting users and fix all the bugs discovered in the process. 

Post-launch maintenance and support

The moment of release is just a starting point for perfecting the product: gathering feedback, polishing features, fixing unnoticed shortcomings etc. High fidelity software development presupposes regular updates and improvement in a working solution.

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Which Fits You Better: Web or Mobile?

Statistics show people value freedom and mobility that entails escalating the segment of mobile products. Travelers and people with an active lifestyle will appreciate it when they can book tickets, reserve an apartment or order a table in the restaurant or cafe on the go. In some situations, a web version of the app can be preferable. The tools for working with analytics, statistics, graphics, and video can be more convenient and productive in the form of  PC-oriented solutions. 

As for mobile applications, they can be tailored for iOS, Android, or for both platforms at once. The Purrweb recommends considering a cross-platform development if you want to receive a universal deliverable. React Native fits the task doubtlessly: because of reusing code, it saves up to 30% of the software development budget for startup founders. 

Samples of Fruitful Software Development

Browsing on the internet, you can read hundreds of stories about how a simple idea turned out to be a promising digital enterprise. We use Uber to get a taxi, search for an apartment on Booking, and acquire a wide range of goods via Amazon or AliExpress. There’s a wide spectrum of niches where a skillfully performed digital product can revolutionize the industry. 

Whatever you’re planning to build: the cutest educational app honed for microlearning on the go or a social media for people with specific interests, fitness app or delivery one, keep the focus on the core peculiarities of your target users, think out of the box and collaborate with the experts who proved their expertise in the field. 

How Does Your Startup Win from Perfect Software Development?

Apple and Google remove low-quality products from their app stores on regular basis, so when you’re planning to add something to the table, make sure that the 

software development is performed on the top level. It would be offensive if a brilliant idea had been broken by sloppy execution. 

That’s why we advise you to be carefully selecting a partner: check competencies, clients’ reviews, and portfolio. High ranking on the independent platforms and positive customer feedback are the signals you’ll be connecting with the qualified staff. Top-quality work means you’ll receive:

  • A user-friendly solution with a trendy but uncommon design and pleasing navigation;
  • Product with an inspiring performance and robust compliance with security issues;
  • Solution is available for scaling. 

As a result, your customers will be happy with the flexible and good-looking service that masterfully resolves their issues. Taking into account the high level of competition (3.55 million apps can be downloaded by android users and 1.6 million – iOS), it makes sense to put enough effort to become noticed on the “picturesque” background.

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