How To Prevent Your Phone From Getting Hacked

People everywhere are worried about hackers, but are they taking all the steps possible to keep themselves protected? Given the popularity of third-party apps that introduce data liabilities, the answer is no. 

If you want to keep hackers out of your phone, you’ll need a phone with the following features.

Proprietary Server Storage

Hackers almost never crack a phone’s encryption, so they look for alternative ways to access your data. Often, that means searching for it on the server. Storing it here leaves you vulnerable to hacks, yet that’s precisely what most phones do.

Industry leaders in secure phone encryption have proprietary server storage that only keeps a minimum of very basic information on the server, such as username, activation date, and expiry date. The servers act as a relay for encrypted communications, so you don’t need to hope that the server deletes information you don’t want to be seen by anyone else.

It’s impossible for hackers to intercept sensitive information that isn’t there.

Military-Grade Encryption

End-to-end encryption is mandatory these days, but not all encryption is of equal strength. Look for a phone that uses military-grade encryption on a platform that keeps your data guarded constantly.

Even the camera should be encrypted, as images can be just as sensitive as any written content.

No Third-Party Apps

Most people have a slew of third-party apps on their phone that they don’t realize undermine their phone’s security in different ways. Sometimes the apps demand access to a surprising amount of personal information, and they don’t always store this securely.

If they don’t, it can get hacked. Once you download an app, it’s impossible to know how they’re accessing or sharing your data. 

Even if the apps you’re using are secure and don’t get hacked, they often share your information with marketers as a part of their business model. You need to keep your information private from dangerous hackers and dubious company strategies alike.

Tamper Proof

Hacking isn’t the only way a person’s personal information can get compromised. What if someone has taken your phone by force and asks you for the password so they can access its information?

The most secure platforms give you the option of setting a duress password that will wipe all your phone’s information. It will look like you’re merely inputting the password to access the phone, but it deletes all information on the phone.

Remote Wipe

What happens if you accidentally leave your phone somewhere or it gets stolen? The most secure platforms let users wipe their phones remotely, so they can avoid a data breach even if they’ve become separated from the device. 

There’s a major difference between wanting digital privacy and taking the necessary steps to guarantee you have it. Without the security features described above, hackers and data thieves will be able to find a path to your personal data. Be sure to use a phone that takes digital security as seriously as you do.

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