5 Reasons You Should Switch from Desk Phones to Softphones

replace desk phone with softphones
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Remote work may have been a thing for a long time, but it could never have gotten this accessible without the efforts of telecom providers like Freeje. Because of their dedication to spreading the benefits of using VoIP, especially for small businesses, many enterprises were able to continue their operations during the height of the pandemic.

We may have gotten over the worst of the pandemic, but this doesn’t mean that workers are eager to go back to an in-person work setup. In fact, many businesses have permanently adopted a work-from-home approach.

So if you’re still using desk phones, it’s time to consider taking the next big step: upgrading to softphones. In essence, they’re the same as your regular phone. But instead of existing in a physical space, it’s software.

And just like everything that’s enhanced by the genius of app and software developers, they’re infinitely better. If you’re not convinced about how it can bring your enterprise to the next level, keep reading. These are some of the best reasons you should give softphones a chance:

It works from anywhere

Are you considering having your staff work from home or have workers who are always on the road? If so, a softphone is the only solution that will allow you to keep everyone connected.

As reliable as the desk phone may have been for a long time, it won’t be able to do the job. You become disconnected from the rest of the office as soon as the cords can’t stretch anymore. This will delay communication and perhaps even the efficiency of the office.

But with softphones, you don’t have to think about such limits. Because it can be accessed via a web browser, computer software, or even a mobile app, you can always bring your phone wherever you go! And all you need to make this possible? A strong and stable internet connection.

global connectivity is better when you switch from desk phones to softphones
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It’s cheaper

Despite being the more advanced technology, softphones are actually more affordable. And it’s only becoming cheaper! So when you switch from desk phones to softphones, you are saving your business money every month.

Subscription fees, as well as virtual number fees, have practically remained the same. Plus, with a strong internet connection becoming more accessible, there’s nothing stopping you from trying it out with no financial risk to you. Because you’re never locked in a contract, you can terminate the service whenever you want.

It helps protect your privacy

Can you imagine giving out your number to a total stranger? Your phone can easily blow up with unsolicited texts and calls in just a few days because the more untrusted people you share your number with, the easier for spammers to get them.

But for a long time, people have accepted this to be a part of the business. To remedy the situation, they get a business phone instead. But there’s one problem with that solution: it’s too clunky! It’s the equivalent of getting two phones because you have two email addresses.

Thankfully, gone are the days that you have to share your personal number with business clients just to keep in contact. A softphone lets you have another number on a device you already own. This number, you can even access on multiple devices… all without giving up your privacy!

It has more features

A lot of the technologies that we’re using today are evolved versions of older technology. But somehow, desk phones have practically remained the same in terms of features for more than a century. That’s the equivalent of riding a horse when you can drive your car instead!

With softphones, you’ll be moving leaps into the future with amazing feature upgrades. These include:

  • Voice to email. This automatically translates voice messages into text. Then, they’re sent to an email address.
  • Auto attendant. Instead of hiring a call attendant for your office, you can save a lot of money by getting that feature instead. Plus, it allows callers to have an interactive experience.
  • Video features. Expanding on the usual call and text, you’d also be able to hold video conferences. This lets you add a more personal touch to your communication.

It centralizes communication

Every message that you receive via a desk phone needs to be written down or typed. This delays the transmission, especially of important messages. But even if it’s just an ordinary day in the office, centralized communication is still a must-have.

Especially when your staff isn’t just in one office, coordinating and collaborating can prove to be a challenge. But if all communication happens in one place, this ceases to become an issue.

Softphones are most definitely the superior choice. Switch from desk phones to softphones and experience all these benefits and more!

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