Using Video Testimonials To Increase Engagement: How It Works?

Melbourne’s corporate growth rate has grown by 4% since 2019. Video testimonials are an effective way to boost your brand’s recognition. So, how does it work? Using video testimonials is a great way to establish trust between your company and customers. 

A question arises though, how do you go about putting together these videos? The following is more insight on using video endorsements in Melbourne to increase engagement. Work with a corporate video production company in Melbourne to create testimonials that highlight your brand’s potential.

What Sort of Impact Will the Use of Video Testimonies Have on Your Website?

Multiple effects can be felt when putting video testimonials into an online marketing strategy. For one, it allows the customer/prospect to feel involved in the sales process by watching actual users speak about their experience with your product or service. 

Making prospects feel like part of this process gives them a sense of belonging, leading to overall increased trust for your business. Additionally, testimonials can improve your site’s SEO by increasing the number of backlinks to your site. 

Additionally, the video will provide more content for search engines to the index, which is another factor that can positively benefit SEO.

How Do You Put Together These Videos?

You can approach clients who have already purchased or are interested in purchasing your product/service and ask if they would be willing to complete a short survey regarding their experience with your business. 

This survey should include questions regarding their overall satisfaction with the product/service and specifics on why they feel this way. They should also be asked what they like most about doing business with you, what sets you apart from other companies they’ve dealt with, and any other specific aspect of your product or service they feel is worth mentioning.

These surveys should be conducted in person, over the phone, or via an online video conferencing service if the client lives too far away to speak with in person.

The client can then select which questions are answered in their testimonial and give you a rundown on his answers for each question. This is where you can determine what information will be helpful to include in the final video.

How Do You Get Clients Interested in Completing These Surveys?

You can market this survey through email, personalized postcards, social media posts, newspaper ads, etc. However, you must clarify that this survey is not a sales pitch and will not lead to any hard sell. Include the disclaimer on the survey for this reason.

How Many Testimonials Do You Need?

This depends on your overall marketing strategy for this video series. Some companies in Melbourne choose to use several different testimonials with entirely different clients. In contrast, others will only use one or two and tailor the testimonial specifically to their business and market position. 

As a general rule, you’ll want at least five and no more than fifteen. Again, these videos must represent as wide a range of clientele as possible to establish trust that your product/service is suitable for anyone who wants it regardless of their background or lifestyle.

How Do You Get Each Testimonial from the Client?

Conduct each testimonial in the same way, with the person answering a series of questions regarding your product/service and why. The only real difference with each video will depend on the questions being asked and how you plan to tailor them to your brand image. 

You’ll want to be careful about how many follow-up questions you ask so as not to complicate things too much for a single testimonial. Once you have all of these answers recorded, it’s simply a matter of finding somewhere on your site where this would fit best (i.e., homepage, Facebook page, etc.) and posting it.

Wrapping Up

Video testimonials are an excellent way to communicate corporate messages and intentions. An experienced corporate video production company in Melbourne can help you create creative testimonials for your brand.

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