How Can I Hack Someone’s Cell Phone With Just Their Number

We all have heard different ways to hack someone’s phone but is it possible to hack by just using a phone number? Yes, advanced technology has made it possible to easily hack someone’s cell phone remotely by just using their phone number. 

Hacking has become very easy nowadays but you should be careful as it is illegal to hack someone’s phone. It should be done to provide safety to your family or to unhide the true personality of your known person. 

The process to hack a cell phone by using a phone number is not very difficult, only if you have the right tool in your hand. In this article, we have described the best way to hack someone’s phone by just using their phone number. 

Different ways to hack someone’s phone by using the number 

There are a lot of online available options that claim that by using them you can easily hack anyone’s phone but most of them don’t work and you will end up with empty hands. And some of them work but they are not reliable. After doing a lot of searches we have described the best possible ways on which you can rely. 

  1. Spylix – the most reliable tool 

Spylix is the most recommended option to be used in hacking cell phones without compromising your security and privacy. This is the easiest way to hack anyone’s cell phone by using their phone number to operate this tool you don’t need special knowledge or skills. 

If you are looking for a tool that provides you complete remote control on someone’s cell phone then you should use Spylix. It provides a very user-friendly control panel. 

If we talk about features that Spylix is providing to its users then it is loaded with useful and advanced features that help a lot in monitoring anyone’s activities. 

Following is the list of features that it provide :

  • Required less information 

To use Spylix you don’t need to provide any type of additional or unnecessary information about the person. It only needs the phone number to hack the cell phone. 

  • Work secretly

Spylix works without being caught; it means that your target person will never be able to know that you are hacking him or her. 

  • Work remotely

It tracks all the activities of the target person remotely and you don’t need the person’s mobile phone or to stay close to them. 

  • No need for rooting or jailbreaking

Most of the hacking tools required rooting or jailbreaking of target phones to enable the process but Spylix didn’t demand any type of rooting or jailbreaking. 

Steps to hack someone’s cell phone by using the number 

Hacking anyone’s mobile phone by using the number via Spylix is not a hectic job. By just following three simple steps you can easily hack the cell phone.  For your guidance a step-by-step guideline is given below: 

Step 1. Approach the official website of Spylix and creative free account by providing your email address.

Step 2. Set up the target by following the guidance given on the webpage.

Step 3. After setting up just log into your control panel and start monitoring. 

How Spylix is helpful? 

There are a lot of hacking tools that claim that they can let you hack anyone’s mobile phone but Spylix is best among all. By using it you will be able to hack more than 40 types of data as described below: 

  • Monitor messages

After setting up you will be able to view all the received and sent messages of the target person on your dashboard. Even by using Spylix, you can access all the deleted messages. You can read cheating spouse’s text messages without them knowing.

  • Track exact location 

Spylix provides a GPS tracking system by which you can easily find the target person or his or her mobile phone. This is a great tool to monitor your kids or spouse to know where they go. 

  • Monitoring call history 

If you want to know about someone’s call logs then Spylix is a great help in that case. It can easily hack all the call history of a target person and provides you real-time updates about received as well as made calls. 

  • Monitoring social media

After hacking your target person’s cell phone, Spylix permits you to hack the social media applications that they are using on their cell phone. You can easily monitor your target person’s WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and many more. You can access inbox and media files that have been sent or received by using social media accounts. 

  • Hack browser 

After hacking the target mobile phone, Spylix provides you access to the browser history of the target person and you can also block certain sites. 

  1. SS7 method

SS7 stands for signaling system number 7. It is a network communication protocol that is used by most mobile operators around the world.  But this protocol can be easily exploited to access someone’s activity on their cell phone by using their phone number.

In this method, you have to exploit the vulnerability of SS7 to get sent and received data on a specific phone number. This method needs technical skills and knowledge along with a computer with a LINUX operating system and a special software development kit. 

  1. Hire a professional 

If none of the above methods suit you then you should probably hire a hacker and in return, you have to pay a handsome amount to the person. It is considered a costly way and if the target person is your family member then there is a chance that your personal information may be leaked. 

The hackers are professionals and skilled persons and they know exactly how to track the activities by using phone numbers. After getting the information they will share it with you. Alternatively, you can use Spyli which provides you with all the information in your comfort zone. 


Now hacking is not limited to just movies. You can even hack someone’s mobile phone by yourself without leading and external help if you have an efficient tool like Spylix in your hand.  The given post provided the options on which you can rely to hack someone’s phone by using their phone number.  

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