5 High-Tech Apps That Make Studying Easier For Students

When studying, the ultimate goal is to do the most in the least time possible. If you can cover the entire syllabus in a few hours or days, you have more time to relax, entertain friends, and participate in more engaging social activities. You can also work on personal projects like a part-time job or an entrepreneurship project. 

Apps help you to complete assignments in the shortest time imaginable. You will also produce more accurate answers, resulting in better grades. Apps help you to gather and organize study materials. Others make drafting easier and more accurate. 

Here are 5 high-tech apps to help you study easily and faster. 


College life involves a lot of note-taking. The notes help you to understand the concepts taught in class as well as revise easily for exams. You need to capture the notes in class, when studying in the library or whenever you encounter important ideas during revision. You can buy dissertation online to avoid the hustle of note-taking and revision. 

Notability is built to help you gather and organize the notes you need for your studies. Once you write the notes using Notability, you can enrich them by attaching files from other sources. The app allows you to add highlights that aid during revision. 

Notability is a cloud-based app. It means that you can access your notes from other devices. It creates a seamless study and revision experience. The app allows you to search for documents or notes within the app through an advanced retrieval mechanism that uses keywords. 


Evernote is a perfect app for students who need to collect, organize, and synchronize their notes. Evernote is a cloud-based storage app allowing you to gather notes in different formats like videos, text, audio, or PDF, among others. You label each file using a keyword to ease retrieval. 

Evernote allows you to create folders to store individual files for each project. If you are working on a Biology paper, you can collect biology-related resources in one folder inside Evernote. Since you can access these resources anytime and from any device upon login, you continue working on your assignments or revising for exams whenever you wish. 


Time management in college will determine your potential and achievement. Toggl is the perfect app to determine how much time you are using for each study activity. At the click of a button, you start the clock and create a task. 

Toggl will give you an idea of your study efficiency. If you are taking too much time on a topic, you could change the study strategy. Alternatively, you look for simpler study materials. As an efficient student, you avoid wasting time on activities that do not help you to improve on performance. 


Flashcards are excellent revision tools. They help you to summarize a topic or an entire unit into a few points. Traditionally, students used actual cards. Today, digital flashcards are helping students to understand the most complex ideas. Quizlet is the perfect tool for revision

Quizlet is easy to use, saving time for students who might not be tech-savvy. It is also free and available on all operating systems. You can print the cards or share them on other platforms. 


Citation and referencing are mandatory in academic writing. You need the highest level of accuracy and consistency according to the formatting style proposed. RefMe helps you to cite your sources as well as create the best references. 

Many of the study apps are free. However, you might require a subscription or one-time purchase to access some features. Use the apps to make studying and revision easier at all study levels. 

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