What Will Be the Cost to Build an App Like Uber Eats?

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Nowadays, a huge number of audiences prefer to utilize meal delivery solutions for ordering food at their homes instead of visiting restaurants. It is because their working hours have been stretched considerably. So, they are unable to dedicate much time for preparing their dinner, as they arrive exhausted from work.

This is the reason behind the epic rise of a hyper-local food delivery industry, as the proportion of dark and virtual restaurants is burgeoning with every passing day. Many platforms launched in this sector and have centered great demands. It includes Talabat, Doordash, Uber Eats, Swiggy, etc. But, Uber Eats has achieved immense traction among users from 45 countries.

The organization became popular internationally and has 81 million users worldwide, as per the statistics of 2023. By witnessing such traffic on Uber Eats globally, if you are driven to develop a similar app for your food business, then you should know how much it costs. 

It includes different stages, considering numerous elements affecting its development prices and the certain positives of creating an Uber Eats similar solution for your venture discussed in this post. Referring to them in detail will help you regarding the same. So, let’s dive into the cost to build an app like Uber Eats.

Cost per Phase to Build an App Like Uber Eats

The process of making an Uber Eats similar platform is divided into many sub-parts, and the rates for getting it ready are considered by a particular IT company all of them together. Which are those? Refer to each of them stated below. Knowing them will help you know how the prices of creating such a solution are finalized by various technology partners. 

Requirements Gathering and Ideation

Before initiating the development task, a specific firm requires to know the exact needs of your business. It includes analyzing the features, users’ preferences, and the design of other applications, etc. Collecting such information will help particular provider for creating a suitable solution like Uber Eats. It requires a company to spend $1,400 – $18,000 to undergo this stage.


People are always in search of apps having appealing interfaces that possess an easy-to-understand flow of functions within a platform and sensible icons offering a seamless experience. So, for making such a design for a solution, the technology partner needs to spend a considerable amount, starting from $1,800 to $52,000. These expenses are calculated based on the fees charged by designers for unit time. Hence, such rates get counted in the total costs for creating it. 


Now, when a design and attributes are decided, it’s time to determine a particular type of app you want to build for your venture. Numerous combinations can be made to make an Uber Eats like food delivery solution. It includes the platform and category of application to be made, which ranges between $7,000 to $58,000 based on a fusion of the components, as stated earlier.

Evaluation and Launching

It’s possible that there might be some glitches present in a solution created so far or some technical errors. It would lead to giving a harsh impact on users, and as a result, the sales of your business would be slowed down to much extent. So, to clear all such issues, a company examines a platform from different perspectives, which costs from $2,500 – $5,000 approximately. Moreover, it is tested in multiple iterations before and after the completion of an app-building process.

So, these were the various rates of an stages mentioned above, which are included in the costs of receiving an appropriate Uber Eats similar solution ready. If the prices of developing a platform like Uber Eats seem higher to you, then there are various ways for you to lower the charges by reading the following section.

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Factors Affecting the Cost to Build an App Like Uber Eats

As an entrepreneur, you might be wondering, what if the rate for creating an Uber Eats like app can be kept under control? Luckily, you can by keeping in mind certain criteria while building it are discussed below:


It is one of the main constituents based on which the price for constructing your Uber Eats similar meal ordering platform relies. Basically, the complexity of an application can be determined by the size, number of attributes to be implemented, design, etc. Thus, by learning a lesson, you must take care of all such elements. It would assist you in deflating the rates for building a solution.


The region of development team plays an essential role in fluctuating the cost of making an application similar to Uber Eats. There are numerous parameters contributing significantly to the cost of creating a platform. It includes living standards, subscription fees for using premium features of a specific tech stack, publishing charges, etc. So, it’s advisable for you to make a deal with the firm having their programmer’s team located offshore or belonging to the country from where they don’t charge a higher amount from you. Refer to the table mentioned below to get a more precise idea of the hourly rates of coders of different countries:

NationsPer Hour Charges(IN $)
America$90 – $140
India$25 – $50
Switzerland$65 – $85
Ukraine$35 – $70
Canada$110 – $150

Development Time Consumed

The amount of duration required to build an Uber Eats similar app again leans on its complexity. Because the programmers of a particular company have to deal with a typical syntactical structure of a specific platform or technology you select for embedding attributes you want in an application. Alongside this, various other parameters are responsible for the different times needed to create a solution like Uber Eats. 

Number of Developers Occupied

Every single aspect is associated with the complexity of a platform. The rates of making an Uber Eats similar meal delivery solution are assumed based on the coders of a tech firm tenant to work on your project. Hence, it’s suggestible for your to keep your requirements limited for receiving an application similar to Uber Eats ready. It will help you in reducing the cost of constructing an app to some extent.

By knowing the above aspects, you will likely be assisted in building a solution similar to Uber Eats by eliminating the extra expenses. You should follow a specific procedure for making a platform with limited resources. Developing an application like Uber Eats may show wonders for your business by several reasons mentioned in the next section.

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Perks of Creating Uber Eats Like Solution

As a startup owner; you must be thinking that your enterprise should receive several pluses of making an Uber Eats like platform. Your venture would gain the below-described benefits as an Uber Eats business model is being followed inside. So, it would also attract a massive user base for utilizing an application because they get similar facilities by using Uber Eats through your app.

Salient Features

People from all over are always interested in using innovative software in their daily lives to satisfy their various purposes efficiently. So, to catch the eyes of the maximum audience towards utilizing your food trade, you need to load your Uber Eats similar platform with numerous demystifying and distinguishing attributes, capable of meeting the requirements of your venture and users effortlessly. It will assist you in centering attention of significant users across the globe.

Enhanced Management

By getting an app similar to Uber Eats developed, you can run your eatery business smoothly without any hassles, as many tedious activities are automated, which reduces the considerable time needed to accomplish them. The tasks which get streamlined includes generating income report of workers, analyzing sales, verifying user documents, and tracing the activities of employees. Thus, using Uber Eats like meal ordering solution will simplify numerous operations, leading to the improvised manageability of an enterprise.

Increased Profitability

It is apparent that compared to running a restaurant conventionally, you, as an entrepreneur, can boost your income considerably by providing users with a vast range of features for ordering their favorite dishes sitting at their homes. Furthermore, you can monetize your business to a great extent by implementing diversified revenue channels inside a platform similar to Uber Eats, which helps you in earning a colossal income.

Thus, your enterprise would likely gain the above pluses by receiving a solution similar to Uber Eats. However, due to the rising need for food delivery applications among smartphone users, it’s a safer move to develop an Uber Eats like platform. It would assist your trade to get on a high roll soon.


You might have observed the figures of global users for Uber Eats and motivated to create a similar solution to it for your business to survive the meal delivery vertical. Then reading different development stages, the cost of making it, and a few perks to the enterprise stated here, must have made you aware of several things about building an app like Uber Eats. As a startup owner, you must have known the various things to consider while setting the budget for developing a platform similar to Uber Eats.

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