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The Newest Way To Take a Selfie On an iPhone

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Getting into your own images has always been a bit difficult. Even with automatic settings on cameras or the front facing smartphone camera, there’s always a margin for error because when you’re staring at the dot, you’re not seeing the actual image results. An innovative piece of technology aims to change that. Called the CaseCam, there isn’t an easier way to get a group image that includes you.

CaseCam 1

Here’s how it works: there’s a mirror that is affixed to the device that snaps right onto your iPhone like any other typical case. You set it up on a tripod or lie it flat on a surface, use the WiFi app to see what the CaseCam is seeing, and then you can even snap the picture remotely! Because it is using a mirror to snap the image, the initial photo ends up being flipped. The CaseCam app then rights the image so that it looks like someone took it for you.

Doesn’t having the iPhone facing down defeat the purpose of framing the photo? Only if you’re by yourself. If you have a friend with an iPhone, you can stream your phone’s feed to theirs through the app, frame your image, and then take it. It’s better than the traditional selfie because you don’t actually hold the phone or the camera to take the picture!

CaseCam 2

If you are flying solo and need to take a picture, there is an automatic timer that you can set so that you can get into the position you want to be in. Although you’ll have to frame the image beforehand or go through a trial and error basis to get the best shot, it is still an effective way to get more out of your iPhone’s camera capabilities.

When you’re done, you just flip the mirror back into place, slip the kickstand tripod flush, and you’re ready to take your iPhone along in your pocket or purse once again. It takes just a few seconds and in return, you’ll have taken a great image that includes you in a non-selfie pose for a change!

CaseCam 3

The mirror itself is made from an optic glass, but there isn’t any actual protection on that glass when you’re storing your phone. You could always use some duct tape because that fixes or creates anything, but under normal use it’s easy to see how this mirror could get scratched. CaseCam plans to sell replacements for about $10.

There are some devices available right now that replicate what CaseCam can do, like the HiLO lens or the MirrorCase, but neither one offers the fold flat features of this product.

The CaseCam is currently in pre-order status right now. The planned MSRP of this item is $40, but you can get yours for $25 if you support their Kickstarter campaign. In return, you can forget about those iPhone tripods that are so cumbersome to lug around and get setup and you can make sure that you’re always in the image with your friends. You should always be in the picture!

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