iPhone XS and Apple Watch 4 Leak Ahead Of September 12 Launch

Apple has officially announced the next launch date for the release of its next series of smartphones, with the invites being sent out to hand-picked invitees. On September 12, the CA-based technology giant will unveil its latest range of offerings, which include the iPhone XS, iPhone SE 2 and the latest version of the Apple Watch at the Steve Jobs theater in Apple’s campus in Cupertino at 10 AM Pacific Time.

However, in a major leak, the website 9to5Mac has released purported images of the iPhone XS as well as the Watch Series 4. According to the site, the images are not a mockup but an actual look at the new phones from Apple.

Let’s have a look at all the developments revolving around the upcoming Apple keynote:

Apple To Launch 3 iPhones, new iPad Pro, 4th Gen Watch

Apple Invite 2018

The Apple invite looks strikingly similar to the layout of its new headquarters, which resemble a futuristic spaceship. According to David Phelan at Forbes, the following is expected to be showcased during the launch:

“This year, there may be three iPhones with, potentially, radically different designs and an all-screen iPad Pro with Face ID. Not to mention the long-awaited AirPower charging pad and the fourth-generation Apple Watch. There may be a new MacBook of some kind, likely an entry-level model which could replace the MacBook Air. And maybe even AirPods 2, to boot.”   

Leaked Images Show iPhone XS Phones in Gold Color

Apple iPhone XS

The leaked images show two phones in a new gold color – the iPhone XS with a 5.8 inch OLED screen, and the iPhone XS Plus with a 6.5 OLED inch screen.

It must be noted that Apple had itself leaked a gold version of its iPhone X through the FCC, which has not been available for sale though.

It is expected that another cheaper version of the iPhone XS model will be launched on September 12.

The new smartphones are expected to have:

  • A new chipset, called the Apple A12, will be 20% faster and consume 40% less power
  • A12 will have a higher number of transistors, with chip gap reduced to seven nanometres
  • Edge-to-edge display, gesture-controlled system
  • Dual-SIM technology

The price of the iPhone XS is likely to be around $800, while the larger model will start from $1000.

Bigger Edge-To-Edge Display For Apple Watch 4

Apple Watch 4

The Apple Watch 4 has a larger edge-to-edge display, with a significant reduction in the bezel size. The watch face is also likely to offer more information than the previous versions, and will also feature an additional microphone, as well as compatibility with current watch bands. Some changes are expected in the side button and Digital Crown so that the watch is more water-resistant.

New iPad Pro/iPad X?

Ipad Pro X

The iPad Pro was last updated almost a year ago, and a new version is anticipated to be launched on September 12.

Similar to the iPhone, the new iPad model, which could be called the iPad X will likely have Face ID rather than Touch ID and the 110.5-inch version will be replaced by an 11 inch model. The smaller bezels will mean a bigger screen, but the dimension are likely to remain the same.

Prices to Increase on 5G Arrival?

5G arrival

Smartphone manufacturers have calculated the estimated cost of integrating 5G technology in their phones and it is likely that prices of future phones will go up once the tech is fully implemented. However, Tim Cook has made it clear that such changes won’t be seen in Apple phones for now, at least for the 2018 models.

According to Gordon Kelly at Forbes, “the company’s controversial decision to rely solely on historically interior Intel modems in all new iPhones means the upcoming generation is highly unlikely to support 5G. But with Samsung’s Galaxy S10 recently confirmed as being 5G compatible, Apple will have to step up and bite the licensing bullet as soon as next year”.

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