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The 19 Best iOS Fitness Apps

iOS Fitness App

Are you trying to lose those last few stubborn pounds? Maybe you’re like me and trying to see how successful you can be with the 10k steps plan? Whether you have muscles on top of muscles or you’re just getting your health journey started, these are the best fitness apps for the iOS that can help you achieve your goals.

iOS Fitness App

1. Virtual Runner

This app lets you experience outdoor running no matter where you are. There are numerous videos that will take you on a run along a beach, through the streets of Boston, or just around your standard lap track if you wish. Just pick the video you want to use that day, download it to your iOS compatible device, and then run with the video.

2. Charity Miles

This app allows you to earn sponsorships for your fitness activities, but that monetary support goes to charitable organizations instead of you. Walking, running, or biking all count for this iOS app.

3. Ghost Race

When you’re pounding out the miles on the treadmill, it can be difficult sometimes to stay motivated. This iOS fitness app gives you a little added competition by giving you an imaginary iOS friend that runs the race with you. If you start to fall behind the pace, the app notifies you so that you can spur yourself onto bigger and better fitness goals. This app also tracks progress and saves your previous runs within the app itself.

4. Daily Burn

This iOS app is also available through other programs, such as Hulu Plus, so you’ve got options to avoid the $89.99 annual fee to get the unlimited workouts. It follows the high intensity training programs that have become popular today, but if you’ve never done one before, you’d better get a physical from your doc. Perfect for those looking to build strength, the beginner will need to build up their endurance for some of these massive workouts.

5. Zombies Run!

What if you could combine The Walking Dead with your workout? That’s exactly what you’ll get with this great app, which lets you unlock different levels based on your workout performance. You’ll receive vocal commands from the game and specific missions that need to be completed. Progress through the app and your missions become a little more difficult, but your endurance gets a little bit better too.

6. Couch to 5K

Sometimes a little encouragement is all that is needed to help you achieve your fitness goals, but what do you do if your friends want to watch TV while you’re out running? This iOS fitness app gives you the chance to get virtual encouragement based on your daily performance. You’ll also be able to track your stats every time you get out to run a 5K.

7. The 7 Minute Workout Challenge

Time is one of the biggest obstacles to getting a workout in. This is where I tend to struggle, juggling my career with my home responsibilities. This iOS fitness app makes the most out of your time by providing you with 12 specific exercises that will begin to increase your strength and endurance. It’s perfect for that break time at work, especially if you can fit in two 7 minute workouts during the day.

8. Moves

If you’re following the 10k steps plan, then this is the iOS app for you. It tracks your daily movement for you, letting you see how many minutes you’ve been doing specific activities throughout the day while monitoring caloric burn. It tracks your steps, uses GPS location to put your daily habits into an easy-to-read chart, and will help you recognize places where you could make improvements. This one will vastly improve your routines!

9. Strava

If you love workout stats, then you’ll love this iOS fitness app. Strava puts running and cycling into digestable information blocks so you can see the data behind every workout. It’s also fully integrated with your social media feeds so you can compete with your friends, earn badges, and have local bragging rights about the quality of your workouts.

10. FitBit

You’ll have to have a piece of FitBit tech to make this iOS app work, but it will give you more accurate data about each workout that you have. The FitBit product syncs through Bluetooth to the iPhone and puts all of your daily workout data right up front for you to see with ease. It can be a bit costly, but the quality of the data may be the exact value that you need to achieve your personal fitness goals.

11. Zumba Dance

If you’ve joined the Zumba craze or just wondered what it was all about, then this app will bring a workout through dancing home to you. There are three basic classes that come with the app and then you can choose to purchase additional workouts if you wish. The app will track calories burned for you and the progress tracker can be tailored to meet your own workout goals.

12. FitStar

Packed with social features and the ability to put workout videos onto your television, this app lets Tony Gonzalez become your personal trainer. This iOS fitness app is free, but there are in-app purchases. Create your own workout plan that is tuned to what you can do and then create progression.

13. Coco’s Workout World

If you’re worried about the junk in your trunk, then this is the app for you. Twerk like Coco in this app, along with other specialized moves from her reality series. It’s $2.99 in the app store.

14. Popsugar

With dozens of photos, videos, and step-by-step tutorials, this iOS fitness app makes sure that you’re doing each workout correctly. It’s presented in a fun way so that you can have a fulfilling time when you exercise instead of trying to battle through your boredom.

15. Jillian Michaels Slim-Down

If weight loss is your primary need for your fitness goals, then this iOS app will help you set aside the excuses and get down to burning fat. The app will push you hard to meet daily goals, just like Michaels would if she were your personal trainer in real life. It’s not just exercise that this app will help you achieve as there are healthy nutrition goals that can be added to your daily routine as well.

16. Workout Trainer

With 1000’s of different workouts that are free premium in-app purchases for advanced success, the exercises are coached by personal trainers. You’ll receive personal instructions with each exercise and you can share your workouts through email and social media. Don’t forget to try the Shakerciser!

17. FitnessClass 3.0

With nearly 500 fitness videos at your disposal for free, this iOS fitness app is definitely one of the best. New workouts are added every week from over 70 instructors and there is PC compatibility with the app as well.

18. WebMD for iOS

Did you feel a tweak in your knee? Is your ankle a bit sore after that workout? This app will help you manage your health just like the website does by giving you access to information. Helpful articles and the interactive diagnosis tool are supplemented with First Aid information and access to local health providers even while offline.

19. Lose It!

This free tool will help you track calories as you input your meals and your workouts. It utilizes the barcode scanner to document foods and combines nutritional data from several restaurant menus as well.

Do you have a favorite fitness app for the iOS that hasn’t been included? Share yours below to add to the list!

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