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Photo Mugs App for iPhone can Edit, Create & Get you a Custom Photo Mugs

Mug App for iPhone

Nobody ever really thought that it could be possible to get an application for a mobile device which would permit you to fix your own image onto a mug. Not only that, but you can also drag and position the image as to your requirements and also order it right from your phone. Well, this has been made possible by Ben Allan as he came up with this brilliant photo editing application for the iPhone. It is called the Photo Mugs.

The Photo Mugs app is the first app of its kind to be launched in the UK. It is a highly easy to use a photo editing app which allows you edit and create custom photo mugs with just a few clicks. You can use images already existing in your gallery and also click new pictures, instantly and stick them onto the mugs. You have the liberty to pan, zoom, rotate and drag the image on the mug till you are satisfied with the alignment. And it is not only one side of the mug that you can customize but you have the freedom to stick images on both sides of the mug. Apart from this, it even has the option of creating a collage out of your selected images, which is also referred to as a tiled-image. If you are not into images, you can even get a text or a funny message printed on the mug. In addition to all these amazing features, this app also comes with a detailed guide to facilitate you through any difficulty at any point of time. The bundled guide has all the information that you would need from the first step to the point where you complete your transaction.

Talking about a transaction, you can order it online using a debit or credit card, the details of neither being stored on the phone. The process is as simple as it sounds. You have to enter your name, the shipping address and the card details. You can be sure of a 100% secure transaction as it is done thoroughly PayPal- which is the best and safest in its class.

Within seconds of clicking your customized mug will be on its way. Shipping of the mug within the UK and Europe is the fastest and is delivered within a period of 4 days. This is because the app is originally from the UK. The customers outside Europe need not worry as the mugs are shipped abroad also but with the delivery date increasing to about 7 days.

Photo Mug App for iPhone 2
Photo Mug App for iPhone


Some new features in the version 1.1 are:

1. Ability to use two different images on the same mug

2. Transaction using the local currency in some selected countries

3. Better and detailed info screens

Photo Mug App for iPhone 3 - Copy
Photo Mug App for iPhone 4


The six simple steps to order your mug:

1. Choose an image

2. Select a format (Straight or tiled)

3. Add text

4. Edit (drag, position, enlarge)

5. Choose a color effect

6. Make payment

Photo Mug App for iPhone 5

If you really like to customize mugs then Photo Mugs is probably the best photo editing and customizing app for you. See the bright side. It saves you from going over to Wal-mart, it saves you the trouble of driving over and waiting in line. With Photo Mugs you can order your personalized mug right from the comfort of your home and also have an exact preview of how it would appear after being printed.

All in all, this photo editing app, namely the Photo Mugs definitely turn out to be a brilliant app for the iPhone and anyone who is looking for a convenient way to get a customized mug without leaving the comfort of his house.

To get complete information or to know more about this application you visit the official site of Photo Mug App for iPhone

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