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How to Make Your Own Ringtones for iPhone in iTunes

If you’re the proud owner of an iPhone and you’re looking for an answer to one question i.e. How to Make Your Own Ringtones for iPhone? Then don’t miss to read this article, because in this article we have something using which you can make your own free ringtones just by making a few clicks.

We all know that, a few years ago the only way to get free ringtones for your iPhone just by purchasing them from your service provider. Even you also have to pay $1-2 and option is still open. But why pay money if you’re able to make your own ringtones for iPhone from the songs you’ve purchased without paying a single buck.

In this article We can show you how. Whether you’re PC or a Mac user, we have simple and easy to follow guide with help of which you can make rocking ringtone for iPhone of your choice which rung every time when you have an incoming call.

So without further ado, let us start reading instruction:

1. Choose the Song

Select Song

The first thing you need to do is, choose the Song in the iTunes music library which you like to convert into Ringtone for iPhone. Just right click on that song and select “Get Info”.

2. Get Information

get Information

Next thing is to , Click on the “Options” in the Windows which apprears. Here you need to check the “Stop Time” and enter any time which is less than 30 seconds. And then click “OK”

3. Create AAC Version

Create an AAC Version

In this step you need to convert the file into AAC format. For that you need to “right click” on the song again, and then select “Create AAC Version”. Here you will see two versions of the Song which you selected to convert into a ringtone.

Now again go back into the original version and click on “Get Info” and here you need to delete the stop time you entered.

4. Extension Tweak

Extension Tweak

For Mac Users

In this step, Mac users need to right click on the short version of the song selected as a ringtone, and then select “Show In Finder.” After that click on and overtype the file extension from .m4a to read .m4r. Now double click on the song and it will take you back into iTunes.

Note: Mac users can head directly to step 7 after following till above.

For Windows Users

Windows users need to move to “Control Panel” and after that from the drop-down menu at the top right of the display you need to select “Large Icons.” Once display has changed, you need to click on “Folder Options” and then click on “View” and here uncheck option with name “Hide extensions for known file types.” And at last “Click OK”

5. Open Song in Window Explorer

Open in Explorer

Now you need to open the short version of the Song in Window Explorer, just by right clicking on short version of the song and select “Show in Windows Explorer” on Windows Or in Case you using Mac “Show in Finder”

6. Change the File Extension

Change File Extension

This step is about changing extension of the song. Once the song in opened in Window Explorer, you need to make a single click on the short version of the song and rename the file extension to .m4r file type. Once done, double click on the song and it should reopen in iTunes.

7. Go Back to Tones

Got To Tones

In this step you need to go back to iTune and click on the Library’s drop-down menu which is present at the top left of your display and click on “Tones.” Here you will definitely see the shortened version of the song  which is now converted into a ringtone for your iPhone, in the list of Tones for your device.

8. Sync Tone

Selecting Your New Ringtone

Make sure that your “Sync Tone” option is selected and now sync your iPhone with iTunes.

9. Select your New iPhone Ringtone

Once Tone is synced you need to select the new ringtone and for that you need to go to your iPhone “Settings”, after that choose “Sound” and then tap on “Ringtone”. And you should see a ringtone at the top of the list which you created a few min ago using our guide

 So this is how you can How to Make Your Own Ringtones for iPhone in iTunes just by making a few click. Give a try to this guide and let us know which song you selected to to convert into a free Ringtone. I choose “Soulja Boy – Crank that [Travis Barker Remix] and you ?

Guide Images: Mashable

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