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103 More of the Best Free Cydia Apps (Jailbreaking Apps) 2013-2014

bestcydia and jailbreaking apps

Today’s article is an answer to this question: What are some of the best Best Free Cydia Apps or Jailbreaking Apps for an iOS device? If you’re the one who’s looking for answer to this question, then keep reading!

bestcydia and jailbreaking apps

If you’re a proud owner of a jailbreaked iPhone, presumably you might be searching some of the best apps for your iPhone to get the most out of your iPhone. Cydia is one of the best software applications used on a jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch where you can get thousands of apps to amplify the usability of your iPhone. Cydia is the best alternative to an Apple app store for a jailbreaked iOS device, including iPhone, iPad, and iPod. It makes you a superuser of your iPhone and there is absolutely no limit to the possibility of what you can do with it!

It’s the only application which can help you in enjoying full rights which every superuser must have  after jailbreaking their iPhone. So I have collected some of the best free Cydia apps or jailbreaking apps which you will love to use on your phone. To get these apps on your device, you need to make a quick search with the name of the apps written below:

Note : Only way to get Cydia is Jailbreaking tool like redsnow , absinthe and other .

Let’s start with :

1. Activator

Using this application, you can launch Overboard and Proswitcher apps with gestures, status bar taps, and hardware button presses. You can also choose the apps according to gesture while using this app on your iPhone.

2. AirBlue Sharing

This free cydia app will allow you to send files from your iPhone to other devises using Bluetooth.

3. Android Loader

Android Loader is an amazing Cydia app which you can launch and view all your application in one place in an Android style on your iPhone with a slide gesture or single tap.

4. AppLinks

Its an amazing shortcut creating app for your jailbreak iPhone. Using this app, you can create shortcuts for all App Store applications to provide faster access to them.

5. AppSync

You can use AppSync to sync and install a cracked AppStore application to your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Basically this app works by patching the mobile installation file on the iOS firmware which is needed to install .ipad files without going through iTunes.

6. Alphacon

If you really love to play with your iPhone icons, then you must use Alphacon! This app lets you set the alpha transparency levels of all your application icons. You can grab this app through the BigBoss Repo for free.

7. Android Delete

Android Delete is an amazing app which you can use to delete an application like you would in the Android Launcher. All you have to do is drag the icon to the trash and its done.

8. AskToCall

Using this application, you can add a confirm calling feature on your Recent, Favorites, and Contacts.

9. Auto Location

Auto Location is a fun location based service which you can activate on your iPhone whenever you need it.

10. Barrel

Using this Cydia app on your iPhone allows you to add 3D cube effects on your icon pages. You customize the depth of the 3D effect in the setting.

11. Bigify+

This is a great Cydia icon customization app which makes your icon look like it is made out of ice or cracked pavement. You can also use colorize on your app icon with texture as well.

12. bigU Movies

One of the best apps – you can stream and download movies easily on your iPhone.

13. BiteSMS

Using this app on your iPhone, you can make your SMS texting experience easier. With this, you will get some amazing features like Quick Reply, Quick Compose, Scheduled Messages, Auto-Forward, Auto-Retry, Passcode Lock, Privacy, Delivery Reports, Contact Pics, Smiley’s, Templates, Signatures, and more.

14. Black Keyboard

If you want to use Black Keyboard anywhere then you can use this app on your  iPhone.

15. Brightness Icons

When using this app, you can adjust the brightness of your iPhone easily. This app will create 2 homescreen icons that lets you increase or decrease the brightness on your phone. If you tap on UP button it will increase the brightness and if you tap the DOWN it will decrease the brightness.

16. BytaFont

BytaFont is an amazing text app for iPhone. Using this you can apply fonts, customize the system font, and it offers more font choices from which to choose.

17. 3G Unrestrictor

An amazing app for those users who are addicted to 3G data. This app removes the 3G data usage restriction that haunts most of the iPhone apps. This app works by tricking your iPhone into thinking that it’s working over a Wifi network rather than being connected to a 3G network . The app works perfectly with Skype and related apps.

18. Cyntact

Cyntact is a great Cydia app using which allows you to add small image thumbnails to contacts and displays them in the ‘Contacts’ app.

19. Callbar

Callbar provides an amazing visual enhancement to your iPhone. With this app, you can get iOS 5 style notification for incoming call.

20. Cydelete

Using this app, you can delete the Cydia apps easily with a normal iPhone deletion method without opening Cydia to delete the files.

21. Contact Privacy

This application is inspired by the Path debacle. This will prompt you when app wants to access your contact database.

22. Custom Siri Background

Cool app to help you customize the Siri background  on your iPhone.

23. CustomGrid

CustomGrid is another cool Cydia app which you can use to customize the springboard of an iPhone device. Use this app to change the number of columns and rows or hide the labels and page dots to make the springboard look cleaner.

24. Cycorder

Cycorder is amazing, high quality video recorder app for your iPhone 2G/3G connections.

25. Cyntact

Using this app on your iPhone, you can see the profile pictures of your contacts in the Contacts app.

26. Dashboard for Maps

Dashboard for Maps is a fantastic Cydia app which you can use to add overlay over a map application install on an iPhone. This helps you place a compass, speedometer, and/or elevation widget on the top of the map.

27. DataDeposit

DataDeposit is a useful backup app for your iPhone. Backup is the application, allowing you to save data to your Dropbox account and then restore it to another device.

28. Data Usage Monitor

Using this app, you can measure the data traffic consumed by WiFi and 3G connections. You can also tap on the entries to see the data usage view in order to see your data consumption on a map. And guess what? You can get this application for free on BigBoss repo.

29. Disable Voice Control

Its a good springboard activation which you can disable voice control on your iPhone 4.

30. DoubleDock

DoubleDock is amazing dock customization tweak using where you get two rows instead of one without scrolling.

31. DreamBoard

Now this is an amazing theme customization tweak for your iPhone device!

32. EnhancedTabs

EnhancedTabs is another cool Cydia tweak to make the Safari tabs appear better. Using this app, you can change the “Open In New Page” behavior around.

33. FaceBreak

Using this app, you can enable Facetime over 3G on your iPhone.

34. Fake Operator

Fake Operator is a good tweak to bluff your operator name in the status-bar.

35. FastLock

Fastlock is another amazing Cydia ap which you can use to put shortcuts on your iPhone lock screen. Using this app, you can put a shortcut for placing calls, sending texts, sending e-mails, tweeting, writing notes, setting alarms, and more.

36. FastSnap

If you are in a hurry and want to take snaps quickly, this good Cydia app can be tweaked to use the volume buttons to capture a photo.

37. Firebreak

Firebreak is amazing tweak to add a panoramic option to the Camera app on your iPhone or an iPad 2 or newer.

38. Five Icon Dock

This is an amazing Cydia tweak to fit more icons on the screen of the iPhone.

39. FolderCloser

FolderCloser is an amazing Cydia app for your iPhone in which your folder will close automatically just after the app is launched.

40. Folder Enhancer

This is a great Cydia tweak to improve and extend iOS 4 folders and more.

41. FolderLock

Using this app on your jailbreaked iPhone, you can password protect your folder and other iOS functions. Very useful.

42. Grooveshark

Its an amazing app for your iOS device which all you to play any song. One thing I like about this music app is that you can also save the songs for listening to them offline as well!

43. Gridlock

Gridlock is an amazing Cydia tweak to place icon anywhere on the grid.

44. Grid Tab for Safari

Using this tweak, you can open Safari tabs in a grid.

45. GVIntegrated

GVIntegrated is the amazing Cydia tweak which lets you specify the calling experience that you prefer for each of your contacts. Using this, you get the option to choose whether you want to talk to them through Google Voice or your iPhone number.

46. HomeScreen Contacts

Homescreen Contacts is an outstanding Cydia app which you can add your favorite friends right on the home screen.

47. HomeScreenMusic

HomeScreenMusic is a great Cydia tweak for music which creates an icon on your home screen. You can play and pause your music with a tap! Also if you tap on the icon down, it will show the next and previous track button.

48. IconBounce

The IconBounce Cydia tweak will randomly make dock icons twist, bounce, and flip on Jailbroken iPhones, iPod Touches or iPads.

49. iBlacklist

The blacklist is an amazing Cydia tweak for messages, calls, FaceTime, SMS, and MMS.

50. Iconoclasm

Using this Cydia tweak, you can easily customize your icon layout framework.

51. IntelliID

With this tweak, you will receive information of people not in your contact list.

52. iFile

iFile is the outstanding Cydia file manager and viewer which you can easily use to navigate through the iPhone file system. You can view files like movies, sound, text, and HTML which work under user root.

53. InstaURL

InstaURL is an amazing Cydia tweak which you can use to browse the web from anywhere on your device using a simple gesture that is set through Activator.

54. iProtect

iProtect is an amazing Cydia app which you can use to block all apps with password/SIM control.

54. iReply

iReply is the fantastic Cydia tweak which reminds you about reading the unread messages you have by popping up a window with the message “you forget to reply someone.”

55. iTransmission 2

It’s an amazing BitTorrent client for your iOS device through Cydia.

56. KillBackground

Using KillBackground, you can kill all background apps from the switcher. This saves a lot of battery life over time.

57. Live Clock

Amazing Cydia tweak to add an animated clock icon on the Springboard.

58. LockDown

It is a great app which protects all your applications with a password. And not to worry if you forget your password, because this app already has stored it for you.

59. Locktopus

Using this Cydia tweak, you can password-protect individual apps directly from Springboard without opening another and restoring.

60. MCleaner

MCleaner is amazing app which acts as an iPhone call and SMS filter service. Using this, you can block incoming calls and SMS messages automatically.

61. Multiflow

It’s an amazing multitasking app for your jailbreaked iPhone. It shows all the open apps (up to 9)  in a single screen and you can manage swathing app from one to another just by a single tap.

62. Mirror Widget

Using MirrorWidget, you can have quick access to your iOS front or back camera just by adding a mirror to your iOS 5 Notification Center.

63. MyWi 5

MyWi 5 is a tethering tweak for iPhone and iPod on iOS 5.0. Using this, you can create Wi-Fi hotspot just with a single tap. This allows you to connect a laptop or other mobile device to your iPhone.

64. Mobile Terminal

It’s an amazing terminal emulator application for iPhone.

65.  MultiMusicInfo

MultiMusicInfo is a fantastic Cydia app which provides you all of the information about the song playing on your iPhone. This information includes album art, band name, song name, and album name.

66. MxTube

MxTube is amazing Cydia YouTube video download for your iOS device.

67. MyAssistant

It’s a good Cydia tweak to enhance Siri power with more actions.

68. MyOS

A Cydia tweak to toggle device features in the Settings.

69. No Folder Badges

No Folder Badge is an amazing app which you can use to hide the folder badge in your iPhone device.

70. OpenSSH

It’s a fun Cydia app which gives you secure remote access between machines.

71. Overflow

It’s an amazing Cydia app for your jailbreak device which you use to get Coverflow-like animation for your dock.

72. PictureMe

PictureMe adds a useful feature to your iOS device. Take rapid shots and get a timer delay.

73. PkgBackup

It’s an amazing app which backs up and restores all the Cydia apps in your iPhone.

74. qTweeter

It’s a smart little tweak which you can use to update your Facebook and Twitter status from within any application.

75. Rich Text For Mail

Using this Cydia app, you can compose and reply to emails using a rich text editor.

76. Safari Download Manager

It’s a full download manager tool for the mobile version of Safari.

77. SBSettings

Using this free app by Cydia, you can move common toggles directly into Springboard.

78. Screenshot Dam

Screenshot Dam is a Cydia tweak that prevents screenshots you create using your iPhone, Mac, and iPad from entering your Photo Stream. The app is free through the BigBoss repo.

79. SendAny

Using this nifty Cydia tweak, you can send files through iMessage, Dropbox, iFile, Evernote from the file system.

80. Shrink

You can adjust Springboard’s icon sizes easily just by using Shrink on your jailbreak iPhone device.

81. SIManager

Using this free app on your iPhone, you can transfer contacts from/to SIM and correct localization.

82. SiriLovesLyrics

This fun little Cydia tweak will help Siri to search lyrics of your music.

83. SlyCam for NotificationCenter

SlyCam for NotificationCenter is a wonderful app from Cydia for your iOS device which you can use to take photos directly from the Notification Center.

84. SpringBoard Invaders

This amazing Cydia tweak will turn your SpringBoard into an arcade game. In the game, your icons are the invaders and you can shoot at them.

85. SpringFlash

SpringFlash is one of the best activator-based LED flashlight app for a jailbreaked iPhone.

86. SwipeDock

SwipeDock is an amazing Cydia app which you can use to delete your dock several ways. This will leave the icon on your Springboard and give you an option to add a fifth set of icons. You can also remove the icons to create more space.

87. Siri Port

Using this app, you can easily install Siri on your iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4G.

88. Synchronicity

Using this app, you can use your device while its syncing.

89. UserAgent Faker

UserAgent is an interesting Cydia app which you can use to make websites think you are visiting them from a desktop browser like Firefox.

90. Vexillum

Using this Cydia tweak, you can change the color of notification badge.

91. VMOJI 4

VMOKI 4 is an amazing Cydia app for your jailbreak iPhone which consists of more than 310 rare icons and symbols that you can use anywhere on the Internet and even in your e-mail or SMS text.

91. VLC Player

Using this tweak, you can play a VLC player on your iPhone. I guess the player is one of the best music players which is assured to play any music video.

92. WeatherIcon

This tweak puts the icon on your Springboard to give you live weather information on top of the weather icon.

93. Wi-Fi Sync for iPhone

Another cool application which allows you to use a wireless synchronization with iTunes. Using this, you can sync your device from anywhere you want. It’s fully compatible with Mac 10.5/10.6, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7/8.

94. xBackup

It’s an amazing free Cydia app for a jailbreaked iOS device which you can use to backup and restore all of your packages and sources.

95. Zephyr

This app will provide you wtih iPad like multitasking gesture to iPhone or iPod touch.

96. Autolock SBSetting

Using this tweak, you can control the setting that locks your iPhone at intervals of time to conserve device battery.

97. Battery Doctorpro

It monitors and optimizes your iPhone or iPod battery in a professional way.

98. Data Usage SBSettings

This add-on show cell data usage stats anytime.

99. f.lux

This tweak warms up your screen to match the lighting at night.

100. Fake Carrier

With this, you can change the carrier name and time string, located on the status bar.

101. Safari Omnibar

Brings unified Chrome search and address bar to Safari, allowing you to type in anything.

102. VLC Media 

With this tweak, you can download and use VLC Media Player.

103.  Zeppelin

With this tweak,  you can replace the carrier name to a custom logo for iPhone

So these are the best cydia apps which you can use on your iOS device to enjoy the full rights of the jailbreak. Please feel free to add your favorites in the comments below!

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