12 Reasons Why Moms shouldn’t Text

aunt passed away

Moms are the best and they always try so hard to keep up with the times, remain relevant, and impress you. Staying connected through text message is one way to keep an extra line of communication with their kids. There are a couple types of quintessential ‘mom texts’ and odds you’ve gotten them. Sure, we laugh at them and roll our eyes with a huge scoff but at the end of the day it’s proof that they love us.

Some moms try really hard to be relevant but just can’t actually understand how to make this darn technology nonsense work! Howdoyoudoaspace or I CANT MAKE THE LETTERS SMALL AGAIN are super common texts that these kind of moms send. It’s like when they try to listen to your rappers like ‘M and the Ms’. At least they tried!

Another super common mom text is the persistent storm of messages, “text me when you get home sweetie, didn’t hear from you, hello?, I’m going to call, I know you said not to, hello?, hey, please text me back, sweetie, your grandma’s birthday is on Saturday, I’m getting groceries, you ok?” Love you mom but I have a life! Gotta go!

So without further ado, here are the 12 funniest ‘moms shouldn’t text’ messages:

aunt passed away
google logo
hitting a bunny
got an A chem
buying a car
mom loan
borrow 50 dollars from mom
things for valentines
pouring outside
stop you are not funny
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