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What is the Difference Between Windows 7 and Windows 8

Many of you may have come across passionate discussions that pit one version of Windows against another, and wondered are there are any differences , if yes then what are they?  Actually speaking in so far as the legacy application compatibility and speed of the operating speed are concerned there are few dramatic differences when you compare another. This factor will stand out especially when you compare the dramatic changes that you could see in the earlier versions of Windows as they came out. But even then you will discover that the changes that have been made to the outer layer of the operating system from Windows 7 and 8 are quite drastic. But many may not find that it is what they really want.


What are dissimilarities between Windows 7 and Windows  8?

The primary and possibly the one difference that we notice between the two versions in the Start Menu. In the earlier versions of Windows, the Start Menu could be accessed by way of clicking on the icon that was in the corner of your screen. From this you could find programs and files that you wanted to open or access shortcuts for the one that you have used the most or from the ones that you have pinned inside the menu yourself.


In the Windows 8 version you will find this has changed very much by the Start Menu being replaced by the Start Screen. This has Live Tiles that update information of different programs that you possess and each of this take a lot of space on the screen. This alone will make many people want to retain Windows 7, it definitely is a matter of your taste and how you like things. The fact is moving through Windows 8 without complete know how on the keyboard shortcuts or with the help of a touchscreen can be tough when you compare it with Windows 7. Because most of us are used to the way earlier versions of Windows work, we tend to find ourselves more inclined to Windows 7.

How are we placed for applications?

Apart from the basic interface,  Windows 8 provides  many modern applications which make only use of the new interface. You can have two of them on at the same time and very much different from the normal Windows program can be used with a touch feature and are optimized to work around this feature. With PCs and tablets that have touch feature, Windows 8’s modern application and user interface would make for a simple, natural and quicker user experience. But Windows 8 is a little more difficult to work with using  a mouse and a keyboard.  You can however ease these issues by easily and quickly changing to Desktop mode. You can do this on a permanent basis  or by learning the many keyboard shortcuts have been included in the Windows 8 version.


Windows 8 is quite well prepared for machines that are older, but when it comes to machines that are modern or high end, then the difference in the performance of Windows7 and  Windows 8 can barely be noted.  It may be noticed when tests are conducted for this very purpose , but even then not so dramatically that you will applaud one over the other in terms of the performance

The user interface on Windows 8 has made reinstalling of Windows even simpler than it was earlier.  But on the flip side it is also tougher for technical people to get to places like the safe mode

Which one should I go with?

Actually the choice then boils down to what you like and what you can afford. You could try both to make your decision.

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