Did You Get The Latest Update For Your Microsoft Band

Microsoft Band

If you have the Microsoft band, and haven’t updated it with the latest features, then it is time you do so. Back in February, the developers released a new keyboard feature.

Check out this video where they talk about the functionality of the band with this update.

You Now Have The Ability to Reply to Texts

Can you imagine having the ability to reply to texts on this tiny screen? In the video, the developers go into detail about the issues they had to overcome by adding the keyboard. Anyone else have fingers too big to type on such a tiny screen?

Apparently, the texting features are smarter than your average keyboard. Many users say that it does a good job figuring out what they are trying to say. I’d like to see that happen on my cell phone. Anyone else have an embarrassing auto-correct story, or is it just me?

Use Voice Dictation For Ease of Use

If you can’t get the keyboard to function right, you can always use the voice dictation feature. On the video, you will see them speak to the band and it will take their commands. This is a great option for those that do not feel like trying to type on a tiny screen.

The Ability to Track Your Progress With Bike Tile

Many fitness bands have had a hard time accurately tracking your progress on a bike. According to Microsoft, they have mastered this feature and you will now have the best idea of how far you have gone even on a stationary bike.

Microsoft Band

Health Web Dashboard is Available to be Viewed in Any Browser

The band has the ability to track your stats and show them on the dashboard. This information can be viewed on any browser. This includes your sleep data, exercise, and guided workouts.

What Else You Need to Know

It is important to note that the keyboard and voice replies can only be used with the Windows Phone 8.1. If you do not own that phone, then you will not be able to get these updates.

However, if you have the right phone, then these features are sure to make you happy. Many users have noted how easy it has been to use the small keyboard, despite their skepticism.

Did you get the updates? What did you think about them?

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