Best Free Tools To Fix Windows Problems

If your Windows are crashing frequently and you’re thinking of taking your PC for a reboot, then wait just yet. With some free tools available on the internet, you can fix anything from driver issues to crucial Windows operation. These are some of the best ways to speed up Windows 10.

Best free tools to fix Windows Problems

Even if you don’t have any knowledge of fixing Windows problems, here are some free tools to help you out:

Driver Booster

If you have problems with your PC drivers, like your printer or your scanner, it could be because of a faulty driver. Sometimes, the issue can be solved with a simple restart. Read more about this here.

If the problem still persists, you can install any of the free driver repair tools, like Driver Booster. It will fix your faulty driver. Once you install the program for free, you will find two parts: outdated and Up To Date. Click on Up to Date to update all your PC drivers with just one click. This will not only save you time, but fix your driver issues without having to troubleshoot the problem.

FixWin 10

FixWin 10 is another Windows 10 repair tool that will help you fix most of the commonly encountered errors. After you install the program, you will find there are six sections dealing with different kinds of Windows errors: File Explorer, Internet & Connectivity, Modern UI, System Tools, Troubleshooters and Additional Fixes. There are ten kinds of fixes in each section. Browse through the sections to find your issue, and just press fix!

Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4

Developed by the same people who created FixWin 10, Ultimate Windows Tweaker 4 is another free Windows repair tool to make your life less frustrating. This program won’t really fix your Windows 10 problems. It is used to enable, disable, hide and also remove some of the Window 10 features. You can make over 200 tweaks to your Windows 10 to customize your Windows experience.

Windows Repair All in One Free Tool

Many users claim this free Windows program to be the best Windows repair tool hands down. The program guides you through the process of repairing your issues. With the Windows Repair All in One free tool, you can solve all kinds of issues with file and registry permissions. DNS cache fixes, Firewall settings, Winsock etc. When fixing your PC issues, it is recommended that you open your Windows safe mode for a safer and efficient fixing.


When it comes to privacy, Windows 10 has been facing challenges. Microsoft has been trying to work on the issue by coming up with monthly upgrades to control crucial issues like tracking, data collection and telemetry.

If you are still facing privacy issue, you can install a free antispy software like Shutup 10. Being a antispy software, Shutup 10 allows you to prevent data gathering and tracking on your PC. There are 10 sub-sections in the program, allowing you to control the extent of your privacy settings.

However, we would recommend using the program with caution. If you completely restrict your privacy setting, you might experience slow performance and functionality of your Windows 10.

Mixed Feature Installer

Every time Microsoft launches a newer version of their Windows, they remove and add new features. For many, all this takes a little used to and often times, it can be very annoying if you have been addicted to a feature that was removed. The same is true for Windows 10.

With the Mixed feature installer, you can bring back your favorite features from Window 7. For instance, you can switch back to the classic start menu from Windows 7, instead of the new and bigger one from Windows 10.

CC Cleaner

If you are suffering from a slow Windows, it is very likely that your Windows had become cluttered with programs and files. You might not have used many of these, more than once or twice. That’s where many users recommend periodic cleaning up of your disk space and registry through cleaning software like CC Cleaner.

CC Cleaner will clean out all the junk files and programs. It will do so by removing all the programs you very rarely use. It will clear out caches and data to give your PC the much needed disk space.

Pandora Recovery

Deleted a file or a program only to realize that you actually needed it? Check your Recycle Bin and restore it. If you have deleted the file from your Recycle Bin also then Pandora Recovery will be able to help.

When you delete a file, it stays in your operating system for some time. So unless it has been removed from your operating system, Pandora Recovery will help you get it back!

We hope that these free tools will help you with your Windows 10 problems.

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