60 Best Abstract HD Wallpapers for Windows Desktop [Widesrceen]

Mystic Eyes

Today we are presenting the abstract wallpapers for your screens, designed by some of the finest and most creative artists around. Our desktop looks very uncovered without a proper background or wallpaper. Everyone loves to personalize theirs desktop wallpaper just like we change our daily clothes. There are lots of genres for wallpaper and one of the best and most used one is Abstract Wallpapers. So, this article I decided to gather a huge collection of some of the best abstract wallpapers for your screen under the same hood. So that it’s become easier for you to choose the best one for your desktop.

1. Lava


2. Stellar 3D Sphere

Stellar 3D Sphere

3. Abstract Chaos

Abstract Chaos

4. Abstract Variation

Abstract Variation

5. Green Consciousness

Green Consciousness

6. Digital Layers

Digital Layers

7. Waves of Emotions

Waves of Emotions

8. Matrix Binary

Matrix Binary

9. CS4 Curves

CS4 Curves

10. Mystic Eyes

Mystic Eyes

11. Cubes Abstract

Cubes Abstract

12. 3D Colorful Square

3D Colorful Square

13. Deep Abstract

Deep Abstract

14. Some Are Different

Some Are Different

15. Digital Wave

Digital Wave

16. Cool Blue

Cool Blue

17. Infinity


18. Motion Stripes

Motion Stripes

19. Dark Blue Abstract

Dark Blue Abstract

20. Fractal


21. 3D Chess Board

3D Chess Board

22. Future


23. 3D Sphere

3D Sphere

24. Blurred Color

Blurred Color

25. Tunnel Abstract

Tunnel Abstract

26. Bokya Circles

Bokya Circles

27. Dark Aurora

Dark Aurora

28. Space Travel

Space Travel

29. Colorful Ribbon

Colorful Ribbon

30. Aurora Minimalistic

Aurora Minimalistic

31. Smiley Face

Smiley Face

32. Snow Aurora

Snow Aurora

33. Neon Square

Neon Square

34. Amazing Abstract

Amazing Abstract

35. Alien Strukture

Alien Strukture

36. Digital Art

Digital Art

37. Planet View

Planet View

38. Green Bubbles

Green Bubbles

39. Strips


40. Candy Abstract

Candy Abstract

41. Amazing Digital Background

Amazing Digital Background

42. Circles


43. Color Abstraction

Color Abstraction

44. Vivid Colors

Vivid Colors

45. Colorful Courtains

Colorful Courtains

46. Pure Abstraction

Pure Abstraction

47. Aqua Clear

Aqua Clear

48. Sparkling Design

Sparkling Design

49. Purple Colorful

Purple Colorful

50. Electrify Green

Electrify Green

51. Dark Designer

Dark Designer

52. Digital Abstract Eye

Digital Abstract Eye

53. Minimal Light Wave

Minimal Light Wave

54. Purple Color Flow

Purple Color Flow

55. Colorful Paper Roll

Colorful Paper Roll

56. Rocking Smiley

Rocking Smiley

57. Aurora Color Abstract

Aurora Color Abstract

58. Motion Sense

Motion Sense

59. 3d Roller Coaster

3d Roller Coaster

60. 3d Black Ball

3d Black Ball

So choose the 60 abstract wallpapers for your screens, choose the best for your desktop. And if you have list of some good abstract wallpaper don’t hesitate to share with us.

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