How Microsoft Office Mac 2019 Is Different From Its Predecessors

Microsoft has rolled out the new Office 2019 for Mac. The software will support the three most recent versions of macOS. These are the previous two versions, macOS Sierra (10.12) and High Sierra (10.13), and the most recent version, Mojave (10.14). The new Office 2019 for Mac comes with some impressive additional features that make your work easier. We have compiled the new features of the Cheap Office 2019 for Mac here.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word 2019 has a focus mode that darkens the screen and reduces the displayed user interface elements. This is meant to help you focus better when you are writing. Word 2019 for Mac also has news “Learning Tools” such as text-to-speech, text spacing, and translator features. You will also have customizable drop-down menus on it.


Outlook has its version of focus mode called the focused inbox. This will allow you to focus better while drafting and working on emails. You will also be able to use “@”command to tag people in emails. The contact cards on outlook have been revamped. It also has new email templates for your convenience. It has a “send later” function for planning delivery times, and read receipts capability.

What’s New in Office 2019 for Mac?

Solution For Language Barrier

Office 2019 for Mac has a Microsoft Translator that can translate words, phrases and other different forms of text to other languages. Microsoft Word supports this feature. This goes a long way in solving the language barrier problem when communicating with people from different regions of the world.

New Visual Features

You can now make your documents, worksheets and presentations more visually appealing by adding icons and Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) that have filters applied to them. Once inserted, you can rotate, resize and color them without losing image quality. Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Excel support this feature. This is a game changer in the world of presentations.

3D Capability

You can now insert 3D models into your documents, workbooks or presentations. Illustrating a point will now be done much more conveniently. You can also rotate the 3D models through 360 degrees to see all angles. You can also tilt the models upwards or downwards when showing specific features of an object. You can add 3D models form the Microsoft online library. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint support 3d capability.

New Inking Capabilities

You will now be able to use a touch-enabled device to draw shapes, write complex math equations or highlight text. You can use your finger, a digital pen or mouse control to do this. There are five thickness settings of color and 16 colors available. The software also avails eight color effects including Rainbow, Ocean, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. A pencil texture feature is available too. These features are new in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Precision Selecting

You now have a better way of dealing with the problem of selecting unwanted cells in Excel. The Deselect Tool enables you to deselect any selected but unwanted cells without having to start all over. You can also reselect cells using this tool.

Timeline Filtering Capabilities

You will now be able to filter your data to view different timelines such as years, months, or days. This is done with a timeline filter by simply sliding the date range. The feature is available in excel.

Other Excel Functions

Excel can now do much more for you. It has new functions such as TEXTJOIN, CONCAT, and IFS. This makes data handling much more straightforward.

Motion Effects With Morph

Morph now enables you to create animations, transitions, and object movements on your PowerPoint slides. PowerPoint Illustrations on another level. Morph transition enables you to animate sleek progress from one slide to the other. Morph transition allows you to create the appearance that you are moving through text, shapes, and pictures all at the same time.

Videos On PowerPoint

You can now add and watch videos to your slides without leaving PowerPoint at all. You simply insert or add a link to an online video, and the video will play directly from the website. Note that the video has the site’s controls such as play, pause, and volume. Since the video is online, you must be connected to the internet to be able to play it.

Customized Swipe Right And Swipe Left Gestures

With Microsoft Outlook you are now able to set the swipe left or swipe right gestures according to your preferences. With a customized swap, you can now Delete or Archive emails. You can also Flag or Mark as Read.

Time Zones Conversions

If you are travelling across different time zones, you can now create events that start at one time zone and end at a different one, and outlook will automatically convert the time for you. You won’t have to do the math yourself.

Accessibility Issues Fixed With One Click

The accessibility checker has been made better with new support for international standards, and it also provides you with appropriate recommendations. Before sending emails, you will now be able to check that they are easily readable by recipients of different abilities.

Office 2019 For Mac VS Office 365

Office 2019 for Mac is one-time purchase software as opposed to the Office 365 that’s a subscription service. Office 2019 for Mac is cheaper in the long run compared to Office 365. Office 2019 for Mac is not meant to replace Office 365. The two are intended to supplement each other. The features outlined above make the Office 2019 for Mac a game changer in the way we use Microsoft Office Suite.

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