15 Best Windows Shortcut Keys For Blogger To Improve Typing Speed

Are you a blogger and write articles but not satisfied with your keyboard typing skills then I recommend you to not miss this article. Because today I’m going to share with your some windows shortcut keys which you can use to write continuously while writing an article. And for those want to say thanks to software giant for putting these time saving Microsoft’s shortcut keys into their windows operating system.

We all know that how difficult it becomes to switch between mouse & keyboard while writing an article. Our total concentration is on the content of the article and switching between these input devices to maintain flow of typing speed.

And to get rid of this problem my friend told me to use Computer Shortcut keys so that to reduce switching between mouse & keyboard. And finally searched some Best computer shortcut keys which really help me and I decided to share those windows keyboard shortcuts with you. And if you are really looking to increase your workflow, then you can give a try to below Keyboard shortcuts

Note: This article is just an opinion based on my own experience I’m not saying these are only best Windows Shortcuts. I mentioned only those which really help me and sure will also helpful to you. You can check the official list of Windows shortcuts by Microsoft’s

1. Move the cursor one word at a time

Use this shortcut to swap moving between one word. Use Left key to Move the left and right key to write

01-cntrl-arrow-640 (1)

2. Select one word at a time

This shortcut will help you when you need to select only one word instead of complete line.


3. Delete entire words

Use these for deleting one word a time.


4. Select all text on the current line, relative to the cursor

By using this shortcut you are able to  click-dragging the cursor, snap right or left .


5. Minimize all windows.

This shortcut will really help those who use social media website .Just use this and all tabs are close in seconds.


6. Cycle between windows

Use this shortcut to cycle between window and this will really help you if you are window 7 user.


7. Lock the computer

Lock your system with just one shortcut key if you are wondering to go out with your friends.


8. Launch the Task Manager

This is a first keyboard shortcut which is known by every user. It helps to get window task manager where you can know about running application, processes, users and networking


9. Take a screenshot of the active window only

This Shortcut will really help blogger it helps you to take screenshot of the active window only. I personally use this when I didn’t find “save image as option”


10. Rename a file

No need to right click the folder while creating a notepad of content just use this shortcut bingo. You can also rename selected multiple files or folders at once.


11. Zoom in and out

Another popular keyboard shortcut which plays an important role in browsers, word processors, Photoshop and more.


12. Return to default zoom

This one is related to above one when you feel that it’s time to return use this shortcut to return to the normal view.


13. In browser: open a new tab

This really helps you to open a new tab in active browser


14. In browser: reopen closed tab

Sometimes in a hurry we close tab and we don’t know even what that tab belongs to. Then you can use this shortcut to reopen that tan in few Sec


15. In browser: focus cursor on the URL / search field

If you have to search something very quickly then use this shortcut to focus the cursor on url search field.


So these are Top 15 Windows Shortcut Keys which not only help me a lot but also help me to improve my typing speed. I know still there are hundreds of windows keys which I didn’t mention in this article. That’s because I want to include those which are very helpful. But if you feel there is something left of me then then drop that shortcut in the comments ( with image screenshot ). I will try to update that in this article.

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