56 New & Best Rainmeter Themes & Skins for Windows PC 2014

Everyone loves to customize their Windows PC with the help of Wallpapers, Themes, and skins and if you’re one who always wants to explore new ways to customize your Windows desktop, then this article and the Rainmeter skins are dedicated to you.

Yesterday one of my friends told me that he’s getting bored of his Windows default look, and now wants to give it a fresh-new look. So he asked a question from me “What is the best way to customize Windows PC?” And I suddenly replied “Rainmeter themes and skins.”

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After that, he asked another question I know Rainmeter is the best desktop customization application, but there are lots of Rainmeter themes and skins available so please tell me “What are the best Rainmeter themes and Skins?”

I feel this question to be very interesting and to answer this question I decided to write this article so that every user who wants to personalize their Windows PC using the Rainmeter desktop enhancement application can get answers just by reading this article.

But before we start reading about the Best Rainmeter themes and skins, let’s read about What is Rainmeter and how to use Rainmeter Themes on their Windows PC.

What is Rainmeter?

Rainmeter displays customizable skins, like memory and battery power, RSS feeds, and weather forecasts, right on your desktop. Many skins are even functional: they can record your notes and to-do lists, launch your favorite applications, and control your media player – all in a clean, unobtrusive interface that you can rearrange and customize to your liking. Rainmeter is at once an application and a toolkit. You are only limited by your imagination and creativity.

If you don’t know how to install Rainmeter on your system to take advantage of this amazing application, then no issue because below I’m going to share with you an easy guide covering answers to your problem.

How to Install a Rainmeter Theme?

  1. The first thing you need to do is download the latest version of Rainmeter from  the official website
  2. After that download the Rainmeter theme of your choice from different web sources (Like shown below)
  3. Now right-click and copy all the files which are in the (. zip) folder.
  4. Copy and paste these files in skins folder which you are going to find in the documents folders.
  5. Now simply restart the app and then right click on the tray icon.
  6. Here select “Config” and you will see the new skin which is downloaded.
  7. That’s it you have successfully installed the theme on your desktop.


Rainmeter Supported on Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8.

I’m sure that after reading the above guide you can easily install any Rainmeter theme. So let’s look at some of the best Rainmeter Themes and Skins for 2o13.

1. Windows 2019

Windows 2019 for Rainmeter
Windows 2019 by painkilla05

2. Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3 for Rainmeter
Battlefield 3 by aikotakashi

3. Darkness Falls

Rainmeter - Darkness Falls
Darkness Falls by ~iamshobhit

4. End Of The World

End of The World for Rainmeter
End of The World by ~dracul91

5. Obsidian

Obsidian for Rainmeter
Obsidian by ~mACrOlOvE

6. Pog Pack

Pog Pack for Rainmeter
Pog Pack by Jkon00

7. Mass Effect Skin

Mass Effect Skin for Rainmeter
Mass Effect Skin by ~darkstaruav

8. Adian Dian Bolon Aero

Adian Bolon Aero for Rainmeter
Adian Bolon Aero by hpluslabels

9. Taboo – Vision Rainmeter skin

Taboo Vision for Rainmeter
Taboo Vision by ~jamien-price

10. My Rainmeter Desktop

My Rainmeter Desktop
My Rainmeter Desktop by Crucafix

11. Galaxy Suite Rainmeter

Galaxy Suite
Galaxy Suite by kop4d4npy12

12. Space

Rainmeter Space
Rainmeter Space by naahburack-d34lkzs

13. Horde

Horde for Rainmeter
Horde by Crucafix

14. Switchin

Switchin for Rainmeter
Switchin by Darknesfreakd4pxyov

15. Encoded v1.2.3

Encoded for Rainmeter
Encoded by lilshizzy

16. Eker- Lina Rainmeter The SKIN

Ekerlina Skin by hpluslabels

17. MoonGlow

MoonGlow for Rainmeter
MoonGlow by minhtrimatrix

18. Pileus Suite

PILEUS Suite for Rainmeter
PILEUS Suite by livinglightningrod

19. Before Dawn RM Bar

Before Dawn RM Bar for Rainmeter
Before Dawn Rm Bar by lianx design

20. Morph

Morph for Rainmeter
Morph by *minhtrimatrix

21. Razor

Razor for Rainmeter
by *minhtrimatrix

22. New Rainmeter Desktop

New Rainmeter Desktop
New Rainmeter Desktop
by yuppern

23. TECH-A

TECH-A for Rainmeter
by ~Burnwell88

24. Black Parade 7

Black parade 7 for Rainmeter
Black parade 7 Rainmeter
by reiterman

25. Black-Apps

Black Apps for Rainmeter
Black Apps for Rainmeter
by ~ASkBlaster

26. Orange Glow

Orange Glow for Rainmeter
Orange Glow
by ~iamshobhit

27. Desktop

Rainmeter Destop
Rainmeter Destop
by Phoenix

28. Raleway skin

Raleway rainmeter skin
Raleway rainmeter skin
by ~lilbitgimpy

29. Elegance 2

Elegance 2 for Rainmeter
Elegance 2 by ~lilshizzy

30. Omnimo UI

Omnimo 4 for Rainmeter
Omnimo UI by Xyrfo

31. My First Rainmeter Desktop

My First Rainmeter Desktop
My First Rainmeter Desktop
by ~DoppeltesRisiko

32. Rainmeter Desktop

Rainmeter Desktop
Rainmeter Desktop
by ~Foxy889

33. Rainmeter Desktop More Blue

Rainmeter Deskop More Blue
Rainmeter Deskop More Blue
by ~Progresiv

34. TRON Theme

TRON Theme for Rainmeter
TRON Theme Rainmeter
by ~oneazam

35. SimpleDoc

SimpleDOCK for Rainmeterice
SimpleDOCK by KimboPrice

36. Dark Rainmeter-2befine design

Dark Rainmeter-2befine design
Dark Rainmeter-2befine design
by ~2befine

37. Meteor Glimpse

Meteor Glimps for Rainmeter
Meteor Glimps
by ~FrenchinAlps

38. Enigma

Enigma for Rainmeter
by Kaelri

39. i2 bar

i2 bar for Rainmeter
i2 bar
by ldjing

40. WRMZ

WRMZ for Rainmeter
by ~Gordanj

41. Gaia10 Rainmeter

Gaia10 for Rainmeter
Gaia10 Rainmeter
by ~reb70

42. Speed

Speed for Rainmeter
by *minhtrimatrix

43. Rising Reflection Interface

Rising Reflection Interface for Windows
Rising Reflection Interface
by gdroland

44. HDD Clock – Rainmeter Analog Clock Skin

HDD Analog Clock v2.0 for Rainmeter
HDD Analog Clock v2.0
by ~DemchaAV

45. Moxx.Pack

Moxx.Pack for Rainmeter
by ~albinozz

46. iShortcuts

iShortcuts for Rainmeter WIP
iShortcuts for Rainmeter WIP
by ^fediaFedia

47. HUD uTorrent

HUD uTorrent for Rainmeter
HUD uTorrent for Rainmeter
by ~nardoxic

48. Simple Taskbar

Simple Tasker for Rainmeter
Simple Tasker by ~bubble-qumm

49. NH Theme V0.2

NH Theme V0.2 for Rainmeter
Rainmeter – NH Theme V0.2
by ~r-night-hawk-o

50. Alice-Reworked

Alice Reworked for Rainmeter
by ~Mordasius

51. Big digital clock

Big digital clock for Rainmeter
Big digital clock
by ~sertion

52. mii system skin 2

mii system skin 2 for Rainmeter
mii system skin 2
by ~abu46

53. Asian Recycle Bin

Asian Recycle Bin for Rainmeter
Asian Recycle Bin
by ~lucamennoia

54. ForceX System Monitor

ForceX System Monitor for Rainmeter
ForceX System Monitor V3.0.6 by ~ForceX34

55. Rainify

Rainify 1.0.1 for Rainmeter
Rainify 1.0.1
by ~poiru

56. VClouds 2 – Rainmeter Weather Skin

VClouds Weather 2 for Rainmeter
VClouds Weather 2
by ~VClouds

So these are some of the New and best Rainmeter themes and skins that you can grab to customize your Windows computer. So give a try to these themes and don’t forget to share which one you like the most. Also, you can share your favorite theme not mentioned in the list.

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