Bing Rewards vs. Google Opinion Rewards: Which Makes More Money?

Bing vs Google

Google and Microsoft have stepped up to the rewards plate by offering two separate programs that offer monetary rewards in some way. For Google, you can earn credits toward Google Play purchases by taking surveys through the Google Rewards app. For Bing users, there is Bing Rewards, which works in any Mac, PC, or mobile device browser.

Bing vs Google

Which one is better to use? Let’s take an in-depth look.

How Do You Earn Rewards?

With Google Opinion, you’ve got to take surveys in order to get credits. You get $1 in credits initially, but then are forced to wait for consumer surveys to come your way in order to earn more credit. There’s never a guarantee about what you can or cannot earn.

With Bing Rewards, you earn points based on how many searches you use from a PC platform or from a cell phone. The rewards system is tiered and you can achieve points by reaching certain milestones or accomplishing specific tasks. You can earn 25 points per day through mobile and PC searches.

What Rewards Do You Earn?

Google Opinion will give you credits for Google Play only. You cannot supplement a purchase with credits. If you don’t have enough credits for what you want, then you can’t spend any credits on the item.

Bing Rewards gives you a menu of rewards from which to choose. You can turn in small point amounts for raffle drawings or scratch cards. High value amounts can bring you Amazon gift cards, Microsoft Store credits, or even a 1 month Hulu Plus subscription. Most rewards that are cash-based equate to a 100 point to $1 ratio, although at 425 points for Hulu Plus, Gold Members receive closer to a 50 point to $1 ratio.

The best value, however, is the $15 Sherry’s Berries coupon for 400 points on Bing.

Do the Rewards Expire?

For Bing Members, the rewards stay in their account. You simply link it to your MSN account, your Facebook account, or both.

Google Opinion surveys expire in 24 hours. If you don’t accept the survey within that time and complete it, then you lose the credits. You also don’t get to take any surveys until Google notifies you that one is available for you to take.

Can You Support Charities?

Google Opinion surveys simply let you redeem Google Play credits. There are times when this can be redeemed as a donation.

Bing Rewards provides you with specific charities that you can sponsor with your points. You can also enter raffles to provide a school of your choice with Microsoft computers and tablets.

How Fast Do the Rewards Post?

Bing Rewards are posted almost instantly. You can keep track of your rewards daily in several different categories as well and chart your progress toward Gold status, which gives you discounts on the amount of points that are required to turn in for a reward.

Google Opinion rewards may take several days to post. Each survey has its own level of credits that are awarded, so some can be of a very high value – a 15 minute recent survey awarded $5 in credits, for example. Most are $1 or below.

Which Rewards Program Is Better?

For practical purposes, Bing Rewards has more value. Since you can use both at the same time, however, why not take advantage of both programs today? This way you can earn a little for the online activities that you already do.

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