22 Best Free Web Browsers for Windows PC

Best Free Web Browsers for Windows PC

Looking for some best web browser for Windows OS? Check out the list of some best internet browsers which we has manages to gather under one hood.

We all know that everyone wants to surf the web for almost 50-60 percents activities. Now days people totally rely on the internet looking for news, entertainment, and social tools. Even now people also working on the web and it’s impossible to access all these things without a web browser. They’re many browsers out there which you can use on your Windows PC to explore the web, but it’s very difficult to choose the best web browsers for your Windows OS.

A web browser (commonly referred to as a browser) is a software application for retrieving, presenting and traversing information resources on the World Wide Web.

To make your work easier Softeraa manage to gather some of the best web browsers which are listed below:

1. Google Chrome

It is a name which we all have heard a lot as the fastest web browser. It is a web browser developed by Google and it is smooth and top featured web browser. It provides us Security, Privacy, Auto-Updates and for its feature named Sandboxing which stops malware from installing itself on your computer.

2. Mozilla Firefox

It is one of the fastest web browsers and it is one of the most popular and demanding web browsers which provide the usability to surf faster. It provides us Web Security, Antivirus Integration and for its feature Anti-Phishing which helps us to Shop and do Business safely on the Internet.

3. Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is most used and one of the best web browsers we have ever used. It is developed by Microsoft for Windows. It is very common because of its Simplicity and great Performance

4. Opera 

Opera is one of the fastest Web Browser Compatible with different Operating System like Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Free BSD. It has a Mobile version to which we are well known as Opera Mini. It has some unique features like Content Blocking, Image Loader, Hot click etc.

5. Safari

Safari is a Web Browser developed by Apple. It is the Fastest Web Browser and widely used Web Browser for Macintosh and iOS Operating Systems. It is commonly for its strong features like ICC color profile, Inline PDF viewing, Spell checking, Text Search etc.

6. Maxthon

Maxthon may not be the popular Web Browser but it has a lot of features which make it different from other Browsers. It has different features like MultiSearch, Magic Fill, and Ad Hunter.

7. SeaMonkey

SeaMonkey is the Great Web Browser which provides Powerful Ad-ons Management and a lot of possibilities to increase your surfing experience, it has a lot of features like Light weight themes, Feed Detection, POP-UP Blocker, Smart location Bar, etc.

8. RockMelt

RockMelt is relatively a new Browser and built on Chrome Platform and also compatible with chrome extensions and Ad-ons. It is formerly a Social Media Web Browser which conjoins the features of popular social media websites like Facebook and Twitter into its interface.

9. CoolNovo

CoolNovo has second as Chrome+ because it is based on the chrome Kernel; it has all the functionalities which chrome has. It has some separate features like Double Click to close tabs, Mouse Gestures, IE tabs, Super Drag etc.

10. Avant Browser

Avant Browser is one of the wonderful Browser available on the Internet, It is inspired by Opera and the First Browser to have a multiple document interface. It has multiple features like Tab Blocking, duplication, drop-and-drag arrangement and has a special feature to undo menu for last 25 closed tabs.

11. SuperBird Browser

SuperBird Browser is a Fast and smooth web browser based on Google Chrome, it is just a modification of Google Chrome. It supports chrome Ad-ons.

12. BlackHawk Web Browser

BlackHawk is a new Web Browser that has all the useful features of Mozilla, Firefox and Google Chrome merged into it. It is a fast and helps you to surf wide. It includes all the required features like favorite manager, Tabs, Search etc.

13. Orbitum

Orbitum is one of the best Web Browser that provides ease and enhances feature to chat on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and some of the Russian social networks like Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki etc.

14. Beamrise

Beamrise is amazing next generation browsers which are very similar to Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari browsers. It brings your favorite messenger with you when you surf the web. Beamrise bring everything which you need at one place.

15. Yandex Browser

Yandex Browser is a powerful Web browser that provides proper information for your search on the internet. It is fast and ease search engine which you require for surfing.

16. Comodo Dragon

Comodo Dragon is a well featured and innovative Web Browser which provides the multi features that you need for fast and wide surf. It is known for its Security measures, it stops cookies and other web spies.

17. Green Browser

Green Browser is a highly featured Browser; its interface is very familiar because it is based on the Internet Explorer core. With its great features it includes an integrated search toolbar, smart pop-up blocker, speed dials and URL aliases.

18. CelenSoft Super Web

The CelenSoft Super Web Browser is established according to meet today requirement of surfing. With its new advanced features and it changes the experience of Web Browsing. It comes with advanced features like Tab Preview and Mini Browser.

19. Water Fox

Water Fox is Fast and high performance Browser based on the Mozilla Firefox core. It has advanced features like Vector Extensions, Profile-guided optimization, Extension Compatibility etc.

20. K-Meleon

It is a Fast, simple and wonderful Web Browser developed by Mozilla, it is a strong and intensive Browser for  Windows.

21. NetScape

NetScape is a fast growing web browser now a days,  it is developed by Mercurial Communications. It has some extra features such as ID theft protection, spyware protection,  etc.

22. Flock

It is a Web Browser which has specialized in providing Social networking, it is available for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. It has integrated MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and more social networking sites into it.

So these are some of the best web browsers for Windows OS give a try to these and share your opinion with us whether you like our list or not. Also if you feel we forget to add any good web browsers feel free to share with us.

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