What You Need To Know About Microsoft Dynamics 365

The complex ever-improving technology of Microsoft Dynamics 365 requires testing before your ERP system goes live and throughout its entire lifespan in your organization. If you are wondering whether automation in testing is a must, this article will give you an answer to your question.

Tedious Process of Manual Test Creation

Even though there are many excellent specialists in the testing industry, computer power can outweigh their expertise while dealing with repetitive tasks of creating and executing tests in a faster and more accurate manner. This power also solves the problem of a limited test coverage saving time and money on the creation of thousands of overlapping steps and numerous new scripts for each iteration of a testing procedure.

Moreover, automated testing proves to be extremely helpful for performance testing and handing testing procedures of an ERP system under stress overload.

Unmeasurable Results of Manual Testing

Unfortunately, while manual testers have to invest a lot of time and effort into carrying out the testing procedures, it is rather difficult for them to estimate the quality of the results. With manual testing, it is not possible to estimate whether the number of test cases and their quality is sufficient.

The repetition of the same level of quality of automated testing, as well as virtually unlimited opportunities, makes it easier to estimate whether a current testing procedure is meeting the needs of your company or not.

Overwhelming Maintenance of Manual Testing

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides its users with regular upgrades as well as major modifications that are released several times a year. In practice, this means maintaining your ERP system will require constant regression testing that cannot be limited exclusively to the period preceding going live.

Keeping up with the testing schedule itself is a serious task if you have to take care of it manually, let alone make sure the tests you have created are not becoming brittle with each upgrade of Microsoft Dynamics 365.


Testing your ERP system has the primary function of revealing any unwanted behavior of your software. This is a crucial step to protecting and optimizing the business processes that are executed with the help of Microsoft Dynamics 365. Being aware of any issues beforehand will save you a lot of money and time helping you to avoid the complex process of addressing their consequences.

Yet, in the case of manual testing, this will only be possible if you reach out for the help of high-qualified specialists whose work is extremely expensive. Furthermore, you will still not be able to use the full potential of testing since manual testing is limited by humans’ abilities.

Automated testing with an appropriate tool such as Executive Automats will allow you to prepare and execute efficient tests without the assistance of technical specialists, which is undeniably a more cost-effective approach to the task.

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