130 Free Microsoft eBooks? Yes Please!

Nothing is more annoying than to have a time-bombed ebook that gives you full access for just a couple hours before you’ve got to pay for it. Free is usually never free on the internet today, right?

Microsoft ebooks

Just look at all the apps that have micro-purchases these days! With Microsoft ebooks, however, free really is free. Approaching over 2 million downloads and looking like it won’t slow down any time soon, these are the full version, real deal ebooks.

There Are Over 130 eBooks To Download Right Now

If you ever wanted to increase your knowledge about the Microsoft products that you use every day, then this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. With over 130 free ebooks that include resource guides and step-by-step instructions, just about everything is included in this free download. Seriously. Here are just a few of the programs that have free resources:

If you didn’t know that Microsoft offers these resources every year, then be sure to take a look at some of the previous free ebooks that have been offered as well. If you haven’t taken advantage of these downloads, then there are almost 300 total free ebooks about Microsoft products that can help you!

Be sure to pass this post along to everyone you know so that they can take advantage of this offer! All of the free downloads, including the previous free ebooks from past years, can be found through this link. Make sure to take advantage of this amazing offer from Microsoft today!

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