5 of the Best Messaging Apps for Windows Phone

Nimbuzz for Windows Phone
Windows Phone Messaging Apps

One of the most common complaints about Windows Phone is that it does not have the wide variety of apps that both Android and iOS based phones do. However that is quickly changing, as more apps are being released every day.

Because many people spend a lot of time using their smart phones to text or send messages, a good selection of messaging apps is important for any type of phone. When Windows Phone was first released, there were very few messaging apps available. However, today we can find apps from many different services and we have put together a list of some of the best ones currently available.


WhatsApp for Windows Phone

One of the most popular messaging apps available, WhatsApp works across multiple mobile operating systems. You can use this app to send text and audio messages, pictures and video clips. Whatsapp for Windows phone features push notifications, support for live tile, and a pleasant and easy to navigate user interface. WhatsApp is free to use for the first year, and costs $0.99 a year after that.


Viber for Windows Phone

One of the most complete communications apps currently available, Viber is also available on multiple platforms and boasts more than 175 million users.

A VoIP service, users can call using the Internet so that it does not use precious phone minutes. Of course, you can also send text and picture messages in private conversations and group chats of up to 16 people.


Skype for Windows Phone

Skype is a very popular VoIP messaging system that has been available on computers for years. However, it was never really designed as a mobile application and is a little clunky to use. The Skype team is working on creating a more modern mobile messaging platform so it will improve in the future. Skype is available on almost any device from smart phones to tablets to home PC’s, and you can be signed in at multiple locations, which is a huge advantage over many of the other messaging services.


Nimbuzz for Windows Phone

Nimbuzz is another cross platform application that can be used for messaging. Using this app, you can not only connect to other Nimbuzz users but also those using Facebook’s and Google’s messaging systems. As with other messaging systems, you can send status updates, text and picture messages via Wi-Fi instead of using your phone services texts or minutes.


KIK for Windows Phone

With over 14 million users, KIK is a popular messaging app partly because it only requires a screen name rather than a real phone number. Another cross OS application, KIK is packed with features and easy to use. Users can send text and picture messages through this app, and group messages are also supported. Like many of the other messaging apps, all data is sent via Wi-Fi rather than your mobile minutes or texts.

These are only five of the many mobile messaging apps available for the Windows phone. Others include Facebook messenger, Line, Telegram and GroupMe and more are being added regularly.

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