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How to Get Custom Url for Google Plus Profile and Fanpages[Full Guide]

Vanity Url Google Plus

If you’re the one looking for the way to get Google Plus Custom URLs for your profile and Fanpage just like Facebook, then this is the article about which you’re looking for a long time.

One of the biggest announcement which made by Google i.e. Now they offering vanity URLs within Google+ for virtually everyone just like Facebook. Even the process is already started inviting all Google Plus users to grab their custom URL, that will change it from a long list of numbers to something which is more memorable. Before you continue you reading this article, you might be interested to know more about Vanity URL.

A Vanity URL or Custom URL is a way using which you can condense your profile URL into something which is easier to read and remembered. For example, this is how your normal Google Plus Profile URL

Profile URL before customization

Non Vanity URL

Profile URL after customization

Google Plus Vanity URL

Once this service is activated on your profile, you will get email with message i.e. “You’re now eligible for a unique Google+ custom URL that lets you easily point people to your profile (no more long URLs!).”

But, you will get this message only, if your profile has a photo, with alteast 10 followers and your account  must be 30 days old. If your profile doesn’t meet these requirements you will not get a mail. To change the url of Google Plus profile you need to verify your details via text message. And once you’ve land grabbed then you’re ready to share your new address with people on your profile so that they can remember your profile more easily.

Unfortunately there is sad news for those users who want to change their profile URL to something like mrbabyman2013 or related, because at the moment you can change it at this time. So once your profile meets the above criteria, you can head over to your profile or business page to claim your vanity URL. Below I will show you how you can get the one you want:

1. To get started, the first thing of all visit your “profile page” by clicking “visit profile” option. Or you can follow step 2 for business page.

View Profile
View Profile

2. If you want to change the URL of  business profile page click on your “profile pic” and you will get pop up showing different bussiness pages under your profile.

3. Now at the top of your Google Plus Profile Or  Google Plus Bussiness Page. You will see a message i.e. Below, just click on “Get URL” on the side of the message.

“Your profile is preapproved for the custom URL:”

Google Plus Profile
Google Plus Profile

4.  Once you click on “Get URL” you will get a “pop up.” Here you need to check the term of service.

5. Also if you don’t like the preapproved URL suggest by Google, you can request the different one by clicking on “request the different one.”

Request URL
Request URL

6. Here on this page you can customize your URL, but this can take a few days to review. Also you need to select the reason why you want a particular vanity URL and then click on “Request URL”

7. In last step you need to confirm custom your for your profile. If you’re sure that the which you want is typed rightly, click on confirming the option.

Confirm Vanity URL
Confirm Vanity URL

Note: But if you change your profile to a custom URL, you can’t change it again or transfer the URL to someone else.

After following above step you will get your vanity URL, so that you can share it with your friends. Also, if you don’t see the option yet, not to worry. As google started expanding and throughout the week you’ll see the inproduct notice. So that you can also customize your URL.

One more thing which you need to know is that Google may charge fees for Google+ Custom URLs, as it’s clearly mentioned in Google+ Vanity URL term of use. You can also check the below snapshot to that term.

Google+ Custom URL Term of Use
Google+ Custom URL Term of Use

So what you think that Google will charge fees for custom url? I’m sure they will, what you think? Let us know using the comment section. Also share with us whether you like this feature by Google Plus. Don’t forget to share with us the your custom name.

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