How Instagram Reels Can Help In Your Marketing Strategy

These days, social media platforms are the best mediums to advertise any product. The marketing teams from several kinds of companies strategize the entire marketing process. They consider these platforms as a priority. The only requirement is to attract many consumers. For this purpose, feedback and analytics are necessary to understand the needs of the customers. It will reflect on the sales and earn a profit by a large margin.

Further, these days, the consumers of any social media platforms prefer watching videos. If we dig further, we also know that the consumers are gradually degrading their attention span. To cope up with the situation, the video content creators started creating short content. Their period ranges from 15 seconds to 1 minute only. People started consuming more content in less time. 

Thus, plenty of applications are created, marketed, and installed. Instagram included this form last year and named it Instagram reels. Several brands and companies realized the potential of this unexplored platform only when they started using them. The creators not only gained fame in lesser time but reached several people quickly. 

Explaining Instagram Reels in a Few Words:

Instagram Reels are the platform to create the shortest form of video content. It has several features like adding music of your choice and adding filters. Any creator can post the original video with their song. It has greater engagement than any other type of content on Instagram itself. It influences many people and gradually turns into an obsession.

Furthermore, it is fun to watch content from various creators in less time. The one thing that differentiates it from the IGTV and Instagram stories is the way of sharing. It is shared both in the creator’s feed and in the reel’s exploration page. Through this, it reaches more people. 

What are the Ways to Implement It in the Marketing Strategy?

The brands and the companies who want to implement it in the marketing strategy can do it in 3 ways. These ways include the education form of content, reviewing a product or presenting a case study, and showing the behind-the-scenes while creating a product or advertisements. The advertiser can create a reel to give information about the product in a fun and attractive way. By doing this, they can transfer knowledge and educate the consumer. By doing this, we can also attract consumers to visit our websites or subscribe to our newsletters. To illustrate it further, we can take an example from the reels. While we explore Instagram reels, we come across some of them. In this, someone is explaining the steps to use a particular product, say hair mask. Now, applying the hair mask is pretty complex. The consumer may be confused. So, after watching the reel, the consumer can get more confidence. Also, the details of the product are written in the caption that the consumers may read. It educates the consumers about the product. 

The companies can also create a reel by adding the reviews of the product. The companies who invest a lot in their advertising often hire a celebrity or an influencer to review a product. The Instagram handles that are verified get offers to review these products. The companies target the influences with a maximum number of followers and are verified. A reel illustrating the product and reviewing them from their handles works best. It will be more realistic if we add a review recorded by a user who has already used the product. Case studies are also curated to entertain the consumers and followers. To explain it, we can take the examples of some of the famous influencers we follow who share stories of the products delivered to them by the brands. They also review them and request their followers to buy the product. By doing this, the brands get attention from their followers. Also, the influencers get paid by the brands. 

The best form of content that an advertiser can curate in Instagram reels is the BTS content. BTS stands for behind-the-scenes, which helps the companies come closer to the consumers. It becomes more realistic and relatable. Not only that, but these types of content are also a very entertaining way to portray the hard work and methods of the companies while producing a product. It makes the entire process transparent. This makes the companies and brands trustworthy to the consumers. It will further reflect on the sales and profit margins.

To explain this point, we can take an example. We often come across the behind-the-scenes reels of any movie or web series. Watching them is fun. Similar to that, any company that wants to sell a product can create this type of reel. They can record while the product is made. It makes the consumers more curious about the product and may end up buying it.

Apart from these, the marketers and the PR teams also found it great for marketing any product or service by hyping it up. It is done by creating a trend and asking people to take part in it. The influencers take part in it for viral content and get more views. Some take part in it because they are paid. The new content creators take part in getting famous. In either way, they benefit the product and the company who produced it.


Similar to Instagram Reels, we can explore YouTube shorts and TikTok, and other social media platforms. The companies and the individual brands use the opportunities of every single platform. The primary aim is to reach many audiences and educate them about the product. Instagram reels offer more exposure and validate the authenticity of the brands. It also makes the brands more transparent and trustworthy. The brands entertain and educate the consumers. It creates a broader horizon by establishing a relationship between the consumer and the marketers. 

Have you explored them yet? If not, then what are you waiting for? Try it out. It’s fun and easy to use.

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