Successful Ways To Promote Photos On Instagram

Except for the standard promotion plans available on Instagram, you can make your posts more successful using a couple of strategies based on the best practice of this social media. Instagram has gained much popularity not only among non-professional users but also provides a lot of opportunities for brands operating in the field of e-commerce, personal brands, and companies using Instagram as a platform for product and service promotion. There are a lot of small issues users need to know to make their photos more reachable for the target audience. So, let’s analyze those tips fort post promotion that is proven to work.

Craft your bio and profile

According to recent statistics, more than 37% of the business-oriented profiles on Instagram are visited by non-followers. But the great number of them may represent the group of your potential followers, so each time they accidentally come across your profile should be used to convert them into the active audience. That’s why your page should be organized in a way to convince them to click on the “Follow” button.

The first thing you must care about starting your page on Instagram is the bio. It should be catchy, creative, and informative. And of course, now we have a lot of ways to make it work for you as a digital business card. Using link-in-bio tools, you can attach different touch-points to provide more information on what you are up to for the audience.

Unclear profiles with a bad bio are usually left by the audience, and they will never come back. Make sure that the profile possesses a unique style and even one glance at it gives the audience a general clue on who you are. Your bio shouldn’t be very long, so use less printed characters to convey more details accurately.

Photos should be engaging

This issue might be too obvious to mention, but it’s just what you need to take into account making the shots, filtering them, and choosing the descriptions. Because if any of the mentioned doesn’t fit the others, your post will never be consistent enough to bring the message you want to the audience. For non-followers, the post should be attractive enough to go through the new follower’s funnel as quickly as possible.

Every visual post must be engaging and should never leave the audience indifferent. Good content will always be appreciated, but the best content will make people follow you. So, encourage people to like your posts, leave the comments, and as a result, follow you. Don’t forget about the content plan and schedule. One post once a week, even the best one, is not enough to gain and maintain the audience’s attention.

Post the content worth to be reposted

When you share photos and allied descriptions, think about the target audience. What do they need? What are they interested in? How to make your massage more comprehensive? So, anyway, you should post what people will find interesting and worth re-sharing. Pictures can be turned into infographics. If the concept has a high quality, a lot of people will be interested in sharing it on their own pages, even those who haven’t become your followers yet. If people share your feed posts in their stories, it’s a good way to extend your reach and make the content visible to new groups of potential followers.

Choose a good keyword strategy

The texts you post on Instagram, in combination with the photos you want to promote, must be easily searchable. In comparison to the web, not everything can be searchable on Instagram, in most cases, only the username. Of course, your username must be catchy, creative, and attractive, but it must also help other people find you. If you are thinking about the brand name or the proper nickname to use in your profile, analyze what people search, to make your Instagram name work for you. The name shouldn’t be longer than 30 characters and contain relevant keywords with a high searching score.

Don’t forget about hashtags

Except for the name, there are other keywords on Instagram that are easily searchable. Yes, we mean the good old hashtags. Using them in their searches, the audience filters the content to choose form. So choosing appropriate hashtags for your pictures will make them reachable and, as a long-term result, will bring you more followers with a minimum effort.

Instagram users search hashtags, at the same time, they can follow some of them. So, the hashtags under your pictures will help you appears in the searches and suggestions. So, your pictures may easily appear in the feeds of the non-followers due to a successful choice of hashtags.

The number of hashtags you can include in each post is up to 30. But think about quality, not only quantity, as irrelevant hashtags will make your posts look like spam. Don’t use meaningless but literally popular hashtags. Due to the new paradigm of Instagram, they are not effective. Highly targeted hashtags proper for the photos you are sharing are the best choice.

Tag the location of your photos

As in the case with hashtags, mentioning the location where you’ve taken the photo, will help it appear in the searches. Tagging a location is a kind of POP tool that is highly effective. People can easily find your page. As for the local business pages, location will help potential customers enter the buying funnel very quickly. Imagine, great photo of a very creative soy milk package with a mentioned fact it is produced in their area will trigger the audience’s interest in your page, and as a result, your business.

Searching a certain location, users get access to news, interesting entertaining content, and different value propositions available in your area. So, don’t miss the chance to extend your appearance in the searches via location tag. It’s a good strategy for personal brands to increase their expertise. Adding a photo of yours from a conference or other business event will help people understand more about your professional accomplishment.

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