Why You Are Not Gaining Social Media Followers 

How long are you on social media? Is there any follower growth? Building a successful social media following can be challenging. Plus, you need to attract someone to a post, convince them to hit like, and have them follow your page. When your social media platforms are for a business, you need to find ways to gain followers to sell your service or products. Buy Instagram followers to show you already have a following and attract more people to follow your page. But what could be the main reasons you are not gaining followers. Below are the reasons your social media following is low.

You have no defined strategy 

Social media strategy is vital for achievements to fall into place. To gain social media followers, you need to be consistent. The consistency should be in your posting frequency, voice, visual style, among other things. So, having objectives and goals will help you focus on the quality and relevance of each post. The strategy you choose will help you stay consistent and organized in your social media efforts. Thus, more reach and an influx of followers. 

Your customers do not know you are online 

Businesses with a social media presence should show a sign of it in their actual business. If you have customers frequently walking through the door, ensure you tell them your social media handles to follow your pages. Brick and mortar business should share their social media handles with their customers. In this way, they know how to find them online. It can be stickers, table tents, or receipts. For blogs and websites, ensure your social media links are visible on the site.

You are not engaging with others 

No one wants to talk to someone who does not talk back. Therefore, get to your social media pages and get into conversations, answer questions and show your followers that there is a person under the social media pages. Also, to engage further, respond to interactions and comments on your channels. Also, find and interact with those sharing your content, and do not forget to thank them. Also, to find new people to interact with, join Facebook groups, Twitter chats, and real-time events. 

Visual content is poor 

Humans love visuals, and the social media networks we use, revolve around videos and images. Therefore, you need to create content that captures their attention as they scroll and make them stay. If you can do this, you gain a follower. Plus, people are getting better and better now that everyone has a camera on hand full time. So, keep up as you capture moments and share them. Attract more followers with high-quality visuals. Optionally, you can hire a professional to create original and high-quality content. Still, you can use the many free resources if your budget is low. 

Your post timing is off 

When it comes to social media, timing is everything. Choosing the right time to share the right post can make the difference between a few likes to thousands of views. So, ensure you test and experiment to find the best time to post for your business. Also, check through the network analytics tools to see which posts perform best and check the time you posted them.

Plus, figure out what your audience interacts with the most through third-party tools. More engagement and reach mean more shares and more viewers of your content and potential social media followers. 

You talk about yourself only 

Do you always speak or share about yourself on social media platforms? Social media is more about adding value to people’s lives and building relationships, not talking about you. Show them what is going on in the industry and share more content of what is not your own. You can share a brand-relevant post with your audience of what you found or did you find a lifestyle photo that resonates with you from a non-competitor. Share, repost and talk about it. The idea is to throw content from other places in the mix of what you share. In this way, it makes you relatable, and you can gain followers who are eager to see what you post next.  

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