The Wild Popularity of TikTok

The popularity of TikTok is so vast that it may seem almost incomprehensible. In fact, one could even find compilation videos of various TikTok challenges on other social media platforms such as Facebook. Some people tend to buy TikTok likes to enhance their visibility instantly across the globe. 

The app’s net worth has been estimated to be around $50 billion in the fourth quarter of 2020. Many Youtubers have added to their social media presence by posting on TikTok, and in fact there are a few Hollywood celebrities who post regularly. A few that come to mind are Will Smith, Dwayne Johnson, Cardi B and Lizzo. Those celebrities that post regularly on the app, are often viewed as more relatable. Although there have been numerous attempts by a number of governments to ban Tiktok, the effect was to increase in it’s popularity amongst youth in a form of defiance.

So far only one country has outright banned the app. Since noticing how quickly audio tracks on TikTok can go viral (as a background to a challenge video for instance), music artists and record labels have utilized the platform as a marketing tool. TikTokers are bound to find themselves negotiating deals with the music industry in order to help popularize a song track. Many top TikTokers are also able to cut deals with brands to market their products, very much in the same way as Instagram influencers. 

At first glance, the platform may seem very simple and in fact not so different from other websites used to engage in social media. However, any user would soon find that it is effectively addicting. The content that spreads through TikTok is more ‘fun’ and light-hearted, deeming it to be more enjoyable- especially among youth. In fact, different analyses have shown that like other apps, it utilizes the same methods casino slot machines are addicting. Users might notice, although the time span that each individual video is allowed stays rather short – in comparison to what other platforms allow; users spend more time watching them.

One theory that has been hypothesized to explain this phenomenon is that the short videos seem like they are not a waste of time – and users are unable to consciously realize the accumulation of minutes to hours that they spend watching videos on the app. Essentially, users tend to binge-watch on TikTok. Another reason for its popularity is that shorter videos force content creators to get more and more imaginative in order to come up with new entertaining ways to make a TikTok. 

For those aspiring to become professional TikTokers, the most crucial piece of advice is to keep up with trends. A good way to achieve this is by constantly keeping an eye out for new and upcoming trends on the ‘For You’ section of the app. Popular filters and video challenges mean that while having fun you can skyrocket to viral status. A trade secret amongst TikTok stars is that getting on the For You page is considered your primary goal. That goal is not achievable – and in fact, many ordinary people are able to quickly rise to fame on TikTok. After all, videos that are on that section can be viewed by all users of the app, and hence have a farther reach. A great way to jumpstart any TikTok account is to buy TikTok likes so as to increase the likelihood of appearing on the For You page. 

Another good step to take is to try and be proactive, and set a trend rather than copy off other’s creativity. Of course, it is common in TikTok to re-do already trending videos known as challenges. A proactive TikToker would use their imaginative abilities to create something new, setting a trend and challenging others in the process. Many accounts on TikTok are originally Youtube channels that use the app in order to boost their audience. Some Youtubers even have separate videos filmed especially for TikTok, so as to diversify the type of content they produce and increase their online market value. 

It is obvious that TikTok has already joined the place of social media giants Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter – and all indications show that it is still growing ever more popular. With downloads still on the rise, and more users uploading content – it seems TikTok is staying in the social media sphere. 

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