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15 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Facebook

Facebook says it has more than 1.11 billion people who using the site each month with 665 million active users a day. And you count yourself to be the part of this Facebook community and want to make your Facebook experience easy,  then you must read this article. As in this article we will share with you some Best Google Chrome Extension for Facebook


Google Chrome has gained a popular position as a preferred browser and Facebook is the most preferred social networking site In fact one cannot imagine a life without a Facebook presence. This is true not only at a personal and social level but it has become a part of professional life too. In fact many companies have established a strong Facebook presence to create and enhance their brand image among the general public. Consumers are encouraged to voice their opinion through this media as it provides a less formal setup.

If you are a frequent Facebook user, then you will find that some of the extensions provided by Google Chrome can make your overall experience even better. Using these extensions that are specifically meant for Facebook will make for more productive and make your life easy. In fact these will make for better and more efficient use of Facebook for maximum results.

1. Facebook for Chrome

Rated highly and having more than 70000 installations you will like this one. This one will let you have access of your news feeds, read messages, view pictures in the form of a popup without going to Facebook URL. This way you keep tabs on Facebook even when you are busy with other work. You need to give privileges to the Facebook application so that you can make use of this extension.

2. Bulk Images downloader

This one is capable of downloading pictures in bulk from Facebook along with other sites too.  You can simply access all images with a single click. The downloading of all images will happen in the original size. You will find that this one saves you a lot of hassle when a group of friends have posted many pictures of a particular event. Viewing will be much simpler and quicker.

3. Fabulous

If you are thinking of getting an environment for Facebook that is as per your specifications, then you will love this one. You can use this not only to change colors and themes but also block advertisements, adjust photo zoom capability, add custom font and change cursor among other features. Imagine a Facebook page that is customized to your preferences. This extension will let you do that.

4. Facebook Video Downloader

You may not find options to download videos from Facebook but this one will enable you to do that in a single click. It can as matter of routine detect videos and grab videos and that too in varied formats. This will enable you to share and send videos from Facebook which is not possible as a matter of course. You can also use this extension to get videos from other websites if you wish to do so.

5. Photo Zoom for Facebook

If you are the laidback kind who finds it boring to open and then close images frequently on Facebook then this application will delight you. This one comes with an astounding feature that lets you zoom photos. So when you want to see a picture in large size simply move the cursor on the picture and you will able to see the image in fully zoomed format. You can use this extension to even view those pictures that are restricted from being zoomed by stringent privacy settings.

6. Ibrii

Another cool extension that allows you to easily snip every type of content you found on the internet. Whether it’s a simple text, a photo, a video, or even an embedded object like streaming audio. You can share distinct elements of web pages and not links to entire pages.

7. Facebook Cleaner

If you’re looking for an extension that can remove the following things from your Facebook Page. Using this tool you can remove the suggestion that showing annoyingly what to do with your friends, the ad box, connect with friend box, hides the ads on the sides of profile pages and more .

8. Facebook Simple Notes

With this simple script you can consolidate notification and enable you to quickly open unread notifications by grouping notification to the same place (i.e. Your status, a photo, etc.).

9. Remove Excessive Punctuation

This extension will remove almost extracts duplicate, usually unnecessary and punctuation marks from the Facebook, just by making one click.

10. Alwittizer Facebook Enhancer

Looking for an extension that help you to enhance your Facebook profile, then you must Alwittizer Facebook Enhancer. This extension will enhance your Facebook interface and thus make it more fun and more enjoyable.

11. Hover Zoom

This one of my favorite Facebook Extension that help to enlarge thumbnails on mouse over. This works perfectly on many sites (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Reddit, Amazon, Tumblr, etc). Using this you can browse images galleries with ease. To use this you need to move the cursor over thumbnail to view their full size with loading new page.


If you’re the one who wants to get rid of feeds of baby photos, then you can try Unbaby, me. This extension will show cute animals, cars, and other awesome stuff in place of baby photos. You can also try, if you don’t like feeds related to politics

13. FB Secure

FBSecure provides users with a secure Facebook Application Installation process. It allows you to control what permissions to grant to applications before actually installing them. It also provides you recommendations based on community decisions.

14. G++

If you are looking for a way to socialize your Facebook profile with Twitter and Google Plus, try this extension. Using this extension use you can get Facebook & a Twitter feed in your G+ Stream, Post statuses to Facebook & Twitter directly from G+. You can also like, Comment, Post to Facebook.

15. Do Not Track Me

If you want to make sure that everytime you use the web no company record info about you and your web activity, then you must try this extension profile full online privacy protection.

These are the select chrome extensions that will make your Facebook experience with Chrome even more memorable. Use them to the best possible extent so that your investment in terms of time on Facebook is minimized and the results are maximized. If you feel that any extensions have been missed on this list do let us know.
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