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How to Root your Samsung I9300 Galaxy S3 with New and Easy Root Method[Official]

Root Samsung Galaxy S3 with Easy Root Method

If you are a proud owner of a Samsung i9300 Galaxy S3 and want to attain privileged control of your Android Mobile. Then Chainfire new and easy method will help you for sure.

Root Samsung Galaxy S3

This article is a Nerdsmagazine tutorial to rooting the latest Samsung I9300 Galaxy S 3. But this tutorial is fairly straight forward and low risk proposition because Samsung has not got into the habit of locking their bootloaders.

But before we start this rooting process first I want to thank to “Chainfire” who’s behind all this hard work and developed a root method which he wrote very well here at the XDA Forum  but he also wrote a pretty easy to follow guide that you can find here at XDA Forums.

Before we start this rooting process let we have looked at some of the advantages and disadvantages of this root on your Samsung I9300 Galaxy S 3.


  • Custom ROM’s available that can make your Android device look and perform drastically differently.
  • You can also enjoy the latest version of Android on your Smartphone which you won’t get officially.
  • You are superuser of your Android Smartphone, means you have full rights to do anything.
  • Ability to fully customize just about every graphic on your device.
  • Improve the performance (speed) and also extend battery life on your device

And more for sure


  • You need to be aware that there is a real risk of bricking your device.
  • You will possibly void the warranty on your device by increasing the flash counter

Disclaimer : “If you are rooting you are rooting your Samsung I9300 Galaxy S 3 using this guide then you are responsible for anything you do to your device.”

Requirements for rooting

Below are lists of thing which you need during the root process

  • A fully charged Galaxy S3
  • A micro USB connection cable
  • A Windows PC
  • An internet connection (for downloading the files needed)

Before you start make sure that :

Your PC must have the USB drivers for the Galaxy S3 installed .If you simply connect the Galaxy S3 to the PC with the micro USB cable it will install them.But if you are not able to get drivers then you might try downloading the latest version of Samsung’s Kies software by going here and following the steps below.

1. First of click on software so that your Kies download becomes visible

2. After that click on the icon to download Kies .

Now you install Kies software on your PC and connect your Smartphone make sure to Kies after installation is complete.

Rooting Click the icon highlighted below to download Kies

1First of all download attached file by visiting here and here.

2. After that extract files inside the CF-Root-SGS3-v6. 0. zip using your favorite zip Program.

3. You will left with a .tar file

4. Now extract Odin3 follow the same process and you should see the executable file.

5. Please disconnect your phone from the PC by removing the USB cable you plugged in earlier.

Note : “Make sure Kies is also closed before continuing”

6. Run the Odin3 exe file and you should see a screen as follows

Odin Screen

7. Simply click the button labelled PDA and then browse to where you extracted the CF-Root.tar file. Click Open

8. Now get your phone into download mode and turn your phone off and wait until you are sure it is completely off, it should vibrate to signal this. Now hold down the Volume Down + Home + Power Buttons. You will likely see a screen that says Warning!! Press volume up to continue.

Note : “This part of rooting is very tricky so make sure that you will follow step carefully one mistake can destroy your android mobile.”

9.You can check two below screens of galaxy S2 which you will get while doing step 8

Root Samsung Galaxy S3

10. Now again connect your android phone with USB and wait until drivers install automatically, once its done .Once installed Odin should display messages similar to those in the image below

Odin Device Connected

11.Click start an wait until your phone will be flashed with CF-Root and will automatically reboot.If Odin was successful you will get message “Pass”.Like show in below snapshot.Now wait and your phone will be flashed with CF-Root and will automatically reboot. If Odin was successful you should see this:


Congratulations you have now been rooted, and also have CWM Recovery and the CWM Recovery application installed – you’re done!

Note : Now that your Galaxy S3 is rooted you are free to use Root apps such as Mobile Odin, Titanium Backup, Adfree, and Sixaxis Controller.

If you have any query regarding this root process feel free to share and ask from us. Or you can directly visit the official thread started by XDA Members.

Credits : Chainfire

Image Credit :

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