Curved Monitors, The Choice That’s Gentle On The Eye

curved monitor display
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If you are old enough you might remember back when coach airline seats could comfortably sit a grown person, or when telephones had dials and cords attaching them to the wall, or when computer monitors were larger than microwave ovens. A lot has changed, and it has changed quickly, the youth of today would hardly be able to believe how things were just a couple of decades ago!

Modern Monitors

While not all changes from larger to smaller are good, like the cruel torture of ever-shrinking airline seats, sometimes they make sense, and so it is the case with today’s amazingly slim computer monitors!

The big, old square boxes that used to hog up so much desktop space while providing just a low pixel, grainy view of your work are thankfully long gone, replaced by new, super-bright, high-resolution displays on amazingly thin screens, some barely a pinky tip in width!

Not only are today’s monitors thinner, they also come in new shapes and sizes, like the curved monitor that so many gaming aficionados have embraced as their go-to view for shredding their way through the incredibly detailed virtual experiences that modern games offer!

Curved Monitors

Let’s now focus on the curved monitor, one of the most exciting advances we have seen. The extra-wide flat screen monitors you often see place the far right and left edges of the screen quite far away from the user’s focal point when looking at the screen’s center.

The human eye’s natural field of vision has a gentle curve to it, so the wide, flat expanses of this type of monitor tend to cause eye strain in the viewer, which can become a real problem for people who need to use their computer all day long for work.

And so, recognizing that problem, the technological wizards who design such things went to work creating a new generation of monitors that would be more natural for the human eye to gaze at for hours on end, featuring a gentle inward curve that makes a huge difference! These curved monitors have now been readily embraced in the workplace because of the many benefits they bring to their users.

Benefits of a Curved Monitor

The innovation of building a monitor that takes the human eye’s natural curve into account works with the body instead of against it, providing a better view without the risk of causing eye strain. In addition to their ergonomic balm for the eyes, there are some other benefits that curved monitors provide:

  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Greater comfort for the user’s eyes
  • Takes up much less desk space
  • Attractive, modern appearance
  • Improved visual quality

No other monitor on the market can compare to the curved monitor in the very important realm of protecting the user’s vision and reducing the debilitating effects of chronic eye strain. Scientific studies have demonstrated that curved monitors not only lowered fatigue in the users, they also improved on speed and accuracy due to the more natural angle of the screen’s curvature.

The curved monitor consistently proved to be superior ergonomically as they delivered greatly improved levels of comfort along with a faster and more accurate visual search function.

Don’t get left behind the curve, try a curved monitor and enjoy the better view!

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