Ghost Machine Shows Its Popularity and Moves to a Second Printing Run

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For the creators of Ghost Machine, the unexpected sell-out of Geiger #1, Redcoat #1, and Rook #1 was a welcome experience, showing how much interest there is in the series and all it has to offer. Geoff Johns and his collaborators have worked tirelessly to bring these comics to the public, but they weren’t expecting such an overwhelming response to their efforts. Now the comics have been rushed into print again, so they’ll be available again soon for anyone who missed out.

There Are Three Books in the Current Series

Right now there are three books in the series, but they’re not books 1, 2, and 3. Instead, they’re book 1 in three different areas, all within the Ghost Machine universe. That gives collaborators more options for how to present new characters and their development, and keeps the offerings that are headed to fans stronger and more interesting. Once fans get invested in a series, that series can often survive for a long time and continue to attract new attention.

Ghost Machine Day was a Big Hit With Buyers

With Ghost Machine Day having such an impact and drumming up so much interest, it’s not a surprise that all three current books are headed to a second printing. That printing will be out in early May 2024, right before book #2 comes out in all three series, as well. Fans can read the first books and then look forward to getting access to the second ones quickly. After that, it’ll be time to patiently wait for the third books in each series to come out.

Collaborators Are Releasing More Books in the Series

Right now there’s no planned end that the collaborators are talking about. That means fans may be able to enjoy a number of great books in the Ghost Machine universe before the series wraps up, and there’s no word yet on when that might be. Overall, fan interest is high and so is the interest of the collaborators in ther series, so that’s good news for everyone involved.

Having a number of collaborators is one of the best ways to keep the series going strong, too, because it gives more options and can help the creators put books out into the world at a faster pace. If a couple of collaborators are busy with a different project, for example, it’s not hard for others to step in and take over. Fans can look forward to a relatively consistent stream of books about their new favorite characters and the ongoing development of the Ghost Machine story line.

New Books Will Be Out Soon

The good news for fans is that the re-released books will be out quickly. They all have release dates in early May 2024 and there hasn’t been any news about delays or other problems. If a fan didn’t get their hands on the books on Ghost Machine Day, they won’t need to wait much longer to start reading.

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